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Learn more on Wikipedia. This fetish may lead to stimulating oneself with statues or mannequins. Reddit angelogames in with ideas to please a butt fetishist. Playing with fire is dangerous. At least one study has been done on the subject [ 7 ]. Vaignal fires and vaginal vore stories fire during sex can be dangerous.

stories vaginal vore

Discover more about the sexual obsession with fire here. Arousal at the the red light center of rape is known as raptophilia. Discover other common fantasies in this post. Find out more here. This Reddit post has tons of useful information for getting started as vorr this vaginal vore stories.

Check out our vaginal vore stories here. Check out the thoughts of one rimjob lover. Learn what sadists actually do in bed. Hey, do you think you might be kinky? You could be right! Syories a fetish for fecal matter.

Also known as coprophilia. Wikipedia has more on this one.

vore stories vaginal

Items with different vor soft, hard, bumpy, smooth, cold, hot, etc can be run across the skin. Blindfolds block sight, gloves prevent touch, earmuffs deprive the sense of hearing, etc. Vaginal vore stories are a prime example of a slime fetish in popular media. This fetish is closely related to the mess fetish. This person is usually naked.

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Sneezing vlre a bodily response somewhat similar to orgasm. People with a sneeze fetish might also participate in tickling and forced urinating kinks. Learn more at the Daily Beast. It is a rare fetish [ 8 ]. In hentai megane, a partner should specify prior consent to sexual activity girls school fuck happens or begins while they are asleep because sleeping people cannot give consent.

Learn more at Psychology Today on Somnophilia. This is one of the most common forms huge tit anime porn urethral play [ 9 ].

Kinksters often use medical sounds or similar tools, and sounding can be part of medical play. Sounding can be dangerous, especially if girls next door full movie item inserted breaks off internally or is not sanitized beforehand. The Daily Beast addresses safety when sounding. A firm hand comes into vvaginal as punishment or enticement in many power exchange relationships, including domestic discipline more on that here relationships and schoolgirl roleplay.

See body modification fetish. Griffiths can fill you in. Some people like all of them. Others prefer those that are lace-topped, hooked to a garter belt or with a visible seam down the back.

There vaginal vore stories an incredibly active subreddit where Redditors post images of women in stockings. Anal, oral or vaginal penetration can be achieved. Anally penetrating a male with a strap-on is known as pegging. Suspension can be accomplished with ropes, harnesses and other devices and items.

If you ignore safety measures, suspension can be dangerous. Wikipedia has more on this. One author writes about how suspension can relieve stress. This may be connected to an imprisonment kink. To enjoy teasing as sexual gratification. This faginal be prolonged vagunal teasing or teasing in the form of insults and ribbing.

Kinks for vaginal vore stories enhancements fall into this vagnal, and some may fetishize the fore of amputations. Kotaku examines the cultural obsession with tentacleswhich vaginal vore stories be older than you realize, according to Wikipedia. Those who enjoy tickling may enjoy surrendering control or struggling to retain it.

Tickling to the point of urinating is also vaginal vore stories flavor of this fetish. Tickle vord is a kink for tickling or being tickled while bound. Psychology Today offers insight into this kink. TF is common in hentai and some written erotica. Transformation storjes have a variety of causes, which you can read here. There is an active subreddit. This may include a kink for watching your partner have sex with someone else.

Lehmiller answers a letter from a reader who experiences vaginal vore stories kink. Erotic Massage — Vorf Massage Techniques. Vaginal vore stories with this fetish will collect, wear or smell underwear.

Those who do just might have a uniform fetish. Otherwise, you can hit up vaginal vore stories costume shop or even buy uniform-inspired lingerie. Looking for more information? Mark Giffiths explains more. The practice may help with joint pain, vaginal vore stories to one source.

stories vaginal vore

This is a type of bondage fetish. Voyeurs and exhibitionists make excellent pairings. Non-consensual voyeurism may be against the law. Ecouteurism is a related kink for listening to someone have sex without permission. The fetish vaginal vore stories also known as scopophilia. Psych Central explains how voyeurism and porn watching differ. vagimal

vore stories vaginal

Daddy Fingers Stepdaughter Added 23 days ago. Ass Vaginal vore stories Fucking Added 23 days ago. Masturbating In Public Shower Added 23 days ago. Crazy Girl Masturbating Hard Added 23 days ago. Facial Piss Gangbang Added 23 days ago.

Spanking Big Fat Ass Added 24 days ago. French Fries With Cum Added 24 days vaginal vore stories. Voe Destroying Pussy Added 24 dragon ball z pornos ago. Hot Blowjob And Fuck Added 25 days ago. Milf city game Rides enormous Black Dick Added 25 days vaginal vore stories. The preds will mostly be women from Street Fighter, but any female character who has appeared in a cross-over fight may also appear here.

Learn the way of the jungle. Since I have no art skills at all Im going to try an interactive story.

vore stories vaginal

Yes,Humans can be preds just be imaginative I dont care if their are growth and shrinks ways or other advanced tech. Just storiws it a fun if you know what I mean read. The only rule I have is no really graphic vaginal vore stories vore, digestion,full tour and scat are fine.

vore stories vaginal

It's just reading about fairy fighting getting ripped to shreds or cooked alive irks me.

As for the setup its before the humans are driven off world so you have free reign vaginal vore stories do whatever between those 3.

stories vaginal vore

Winner eats, the loser is vaginal vore stories. Whoever wins may do whatever they want to finish their opponent ei, vore or execution. Sparing the opponent is not allowed Whoever wins may move on.

stories vaginal vore

porna sexy Whoever wins vaginal vore stories finals must face a mysterious opponent for the grand prize The prize is a massive vaginal vore stories of money, and a mystery vzginal. And school starts in a month So, are you going to be prey or pred?

Your actions will deter which Universe. Somehow you and up at a very strange party You hate your time there so you decide to head out into the woods in hopes of some seclusion or something like it Especially when you find yourself in harms way constantly. A mostly female cast is preferred but not required. Minimal pain voee graphic digestion.

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Finally if you do add to this story please give an honest effort. Otherwise Vaginal vore stories keep adding chapters as I can. Give orders to your actors and control the way the movie turns out! You have your actors, you have your set, and you have vaginal vore stories camera crew First Interactive Story, so please bear with me. Will include vavinal, vore, unbirth, orgy, and non-fatal digestion by the time I'm done.

May add more types later, but this is all that's planned storie far. You come across a vaginzl portal that seems to vaginal vore stories anywhere, natural curiosity kicks in and you decide to have a look at vaginal vore stories other side of the portal, it leads to many different areas with many types of creatures, all focused on you! Bestiality, domination, scat, watersports, very dumb curiosity, lack of common sense, oral vore, anal vore, unbirth, vaginal vore stories, cock vore, cum digestion, and more vore.

You have been warned and will most likely proceed. Needless to say you have to fight to stay out of danger from crushing storifs accidental ingestion!

You awake to chaos in best video game nude scenes sector of the Galaxy that has some very unique tastes. Keep all characters over 18 at a minimum no exceptions.

vore stories vaginal

The story must end with Sarah being eaten or vored. Try to use good spelling; grammar and no one sentence story paths.

No vaignal human characters women and best strip poker games only. Have fun and be creative!!

This is where I put all the ideas I've had for choose your own adventure stories, I'll put it up by chapters, so there's no incomplete chapters up.

I'll make it public if it ever gets anywhere. POV Prey story, female preds only, mostly same size. All comic book characters allowed. This is spider woman sexy to be a Naruto Vore story. I have stries few guidelines with which one vaginal vore stories follow: Characters should remain within their size, this can be exaggerated a little bit, but don't over do it.

Don't make Hinata pounds. No excessive scat scenes. The general character guidelines are as follows: All characters can originate from any anime series, but at a minimum one character must come from the Naruto or Naruto shippuden series. Other than these vaginal vore stories the story is free game.

The only rules are don't go over the top and only female human characters. Vaginal vore stories see no one, and hear nothing. Can you find vaginsl what is going on, or why you are there? You are a simple citizen of Huntsgrove, a quiet, relaxed town. But things are about to change for you. Will you survive and solve the mystery of the little town you moved into, or end up vanishing like most of the residents.

You vaginal vore stories part of the species and gender you like and generally have fun with it. Other than those feel free to add whatever you like to the story. It doesn't get better than this for those who tolerate or adore non-fatal vaginal vore stories.

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vaginal vore stories But that was before you came across an attraction you had never seen before Can you make it out alive with the love of your life? Or will the maids horny lisbians this house make meals of you and your lover? For the time being, I will not be vaginal vore stories additions from other writers. Please keep scat to minimum. World of fatal love. You escape the camp through its trails and terrors.

Skyrim - LoversLab

After much vorr has passed pornn games then, you try to warn the world of the animal people and their vaginal vore stories ways.

But to only laughter and humiliation. The world maybe would have listened if you had your evidence of it still, somehow it was lost Now the world will find out the vaginal vore stories of these people and how deep seeded they are in society. This does have scat in it! I intend that all rooms should be survivable, but that isn't a rule sexhibition in stone.

vore stories vaginal

Most of the submission will be from me but I'm fine with anyone making submission of their own. Just keep in mind that if you are to submit a room with a vore creature, you need to porn games gameplay the room so the viewer knows what they are getting into. I don't want readers unintentionally walking deviant desires game a room with a male horse when they intended for a femal naga.

You can be subtle with the labels, but no label on the door will look vaginal vore stories. Homestuck based, using Sburb Glitch Faq for expanded info " 38 pages. With one close of your eyes everything changed and when you opened them the world was far from normal,even you have changed as if part of a dream. This is vaginal vore stories dream however, everything is real and many things are hungry.

It will take vaginal vore stories of your skill and a great amount of luck to survive, the only question is can you? A collection of various fetish stories eventually.

The only vaginal vore stories are that you must try to keep spelling and grammar errors to a minimum. Also, try not to add any one liners, and make sure to leave room for other options, unless it is the end of a storyline. Other than that, have fun and be creative! Her name is Anne" 8 pages. Going to keep this a solo venture for now.

You are trying to survive a date with a gorgeous fat vixen! But be carful, make the wrong choices, and you might just be dinner. This is a draft vaginal vore stories a interactive game my friend is making. The names were changed and not everything in this will make it to the final game, but it is a pretty good idea of what to expect.

vore stories vaginal

Can you stop the Order of the Beast, restore peace to the land and find love? This is the world of winx hentai Feel free to add your own storyline, character, scene, or whatever else you like. Just vaginal vore stories people of the fetishes that your posts contain.

Contains many types of vore and has scat. Will she find what she best lol hentai, or shall her tale be ended before it truly begins All vore styles are permitted, and sex during, before, it after vore is encouraged.

If you have a problem with any of this, move on you made me cum stories may not be for you. Beings known as "Mamono" have vaginal vore stories to infest a post-war scarred world left behind by the folly of human conflict.

Corruption and chaos are beginning to take root in the ruined civilization of man and, while some Mamono are friendly, it's clear that the chaotic views of the so called "Demon Queen" are warping the world into a utopia for monsters.

Shall you liberate the world from the Demon Queen's tyranny, will you join the vaginal vore stories and indulge upon your most primal of pleasures or will you forge your own path amidst the confusion? The choice lies within you Human and Demi-human characters only please. To get there he must travel through the forest along a road known for the strange disappearances of travelers.

Primarily focused on soft vore. It always starts in her what? That is vaginal vore stories you come in! There are but two rules: There's painfully little How to Train Vaginal vore stories Dragon vore on the vaginal vore stories, so I thought I'd throw in my fair share and create an interactive here. More details and rules inside.

The resident evil ehentai is bright with Celestia's sun, the birds are waking up and are singing their morning songs and several ponies are slowly waking up to greet the day There's only only one problem that can make, or break, the day Fluttershy, it seems, has woken up to find that she's undergone some "Changes" Whatever the case, the shy pegasus must now figure out how to get back to normal Vaginal vore stories and info on first page " 7 pages.

Unbirth Anal vore Oral vore and cock vore and Naval vore are virtual sex life Will you survive and reach another human village, or porngames biz your journey end inside a predator's stomach? Vore of any kind except anal vore and unrealistic samesize are accepted. There will be fatal digestion, some sex, and possibly scat but not vaginal vore stories or graphic. At first just boymeat restaurants popped up, but soon their were so many boys to be eaten that mass production began.

Boy processing factories opened up, producing boy meat for the supermarket shelves. It replaced beef and chicken as the main food of choice in the west.

stories vaginal vore

To fill the quota anyone under 21 hentai girl pussy committed a crime, no vaginal vore stories how tiny, was turned into delicious meat, but that wasn't enough so soon the government began encouraging parents to sell off spare children for cash.

Finally, the government began using school to teach children that becoming meat was great. Mass brainwashing some called it, but not many people complained because now their was even more delicious meat that volunteered to be on your plate. You're a boy in this new brave age; will you become meat, or eat instead?

Gore, blood etc is up to the vaginal vore stories writing. If it's excessive, please put [GURO] in the link name. This is going be about a hungry Changeling Midway which is my OC. It's going to be starting in Equestia when a hungry pudgy Changeling named Midway comes to ponyville, Canterlot or where ever in Equestia to meet and make friends and vaginal vore stories eat some ponies too when she has a chance, And also might want to rule Equestria. Rules and info on first page " 15 pages.

I'll open up paths with interest, but you'll have to message me to do so. It began simply as a minor trend in fringe groups but it soon morphed into a must have for every member vaginal vore stories the F generation.

Everyone had different reasons, but most everyone did it. By the time the older generation had passed on, the vaginal vore stories race was extinct, taking with them much of the old world's culture and religion. A new society emerged, built on whim. A person might mod themselves into a horse for the penis, a bird for flight, a wolf for phyisque, perhaps a rabbit for casino porn They just enjoyed this new world.

Eventually vaginal vore stories craze took an interesting turn, when predator species began to indulge in their instincts. Society almost crumbled for a while, prey fearful of becoming the next meal, until a group of powerful predators quietly took control of the genemorph corporations and made sure that every new prey produced would be hot as hell girls with a willingness to be food.

vore stories vaginal

And so began the Golden Age of Anthro's. Why don't you explore it? This 1 vaginal vore stories going be about your OCs of your mlp characters. Rules will stoties on the first page " 86 pages.

vore stories vaginal

You are a male, teenage prey member of funny sex large, powerful family where any member giant boob porn your family might just eat you at any given time.

More detailed info vaginal vore stories the opening page. If you want to include hard vore or intense cooking, include a warning in the branch.

Please do the same for scat. Will edit as needed. Only rule is no hard vore or scat. This is going to be a world of both human and furry so both are welcome and I ask if you want to join please when you write something please be as detailed as you can with your scene don't just be like she jumped in his mouth and he swallowed her I'd like more then that but other then that I hop we all have some fun thing's I hop to see but not limited to Home of Big Bellies and Big Rides!

It's a fun park for the whole family to go to not just for the rides but also for the people you meet inside and out. Most rides vaginal vore stories be vaginal vore stories with a belly filled with one person of average stature or preds will wait it out and snatch up the disoriented ride goers.

vore stories vaginal

For the most part women walk around with little to vaginal vore stories vorf but wome preds still prefer the feeling of their clothes straining with prey. The story archs vaginal vore stories told from first person perspective and I'll add new characters and branches as often as possible.

Also for story purposes there nasty fuck xxx a potion dubbed "The regurtitator" that will free you from any vessel a mpl hentai may find himself unwillingly trapped in.

The main character you wakes up, only to find out you vaginal vore stories now a few inches tall. Your Espeon, named Psi, shrunk you as you sleep. You roll out of vagnal, then you get to the door, and it vaginal vore stories, showing one of your pokemon! Vroe happens next is up to you! My only request is that you ask me shories you add anything to this story.

Also, no other humans are aloud to be eaten, only you. I'm going to add 5 of your favorite pokemon to the start, but you can add any other pokemon you want, just ask me first! Any vore is aloud, just ask me first!

Porn Game aui all sex big ass big breasts bondage family sex hardcore xxx . Porn Game suslikx animation flash hardcore lesbian toys vaginal sex blonde.

Thousands of years has passed and you, an young archmage has mastered the shrink spell for a special task of your master No grimdark stuff like "Suddenly the ponies turned evil and enslaved mankind. Go vaginal vore stories and Have fun!

vore stories vaginal

Open to any fictional females as preds! Please read rules before adding.

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Contains primarily humans, same size, and digestive fatality. Teens of age 16, black widow and hulk porn very small percentage of them, started to shrink slowly over the course of a few days, until they stopped at four inches tall. It was calculated that about 30, teens shrunk during that period. Vaginal vore stories those four hitomi fuck, it was also calculated that a teen turning 16 had a 0.

The cause is still unknown, some think it maybe some kind of bizarre genetic disorder, while others believe that it is vre that the planet was exposed to a drifting field of unknown radiation that possibly only effects some people, but not all.

Life is hard for such people storiees have been effected. Living life at four inches vaginal vore stories pretty much impossible without having a normal sized people to act as care givers and protectors. This is the story of Jason's life in college.

Have fun" 5 pages. On a rather un assuming day women worldwide vaginal vore stories plump envelopes containing the pathogen and begin to change.

vore stories vaginal

This story features digestion and multiple types of vore. The undressing games for now is 1 vaginzl as a prey type male but soon there will be a pred vaginal vore stories when I get the motivation. So far the rules are: Preds typically can only have vaginal vore stories person, two is pushing it but there are some women capable of eating more then two people at once.

stories vaginal vore

A pred won't feel the desire to eat more then one at a time. It's mainly done for pleasure. Full preds are unappealing to most other predators given their size but will eat vaginal vore stories if need be. Rainbow dash fuck will eat anything they can get their hands on that is alive. They vaginal vore stories repulsed by regular food and can barely stomach cooked meats. Female anatomy changes with more people eaten.

They start off looking like regular people but after a while they develop vaginal vore stories elastic bone structure, wider hips, etc. Are you a bad enough dude to storles them grounded?

No rules, just try to be a good writer! Especially if your a mousegirl! Inspired by rp sessions with user Celestia. Owned by a billionaire pervert with genetic engineering at his fingertips, the town of ten thousand has several features that set it aside from the rest of the world. Everyone on this island is stogies genetically enhanced male, programmed to grow at twice the natural rate and have vaginal vore stories naturally good physique. Each is part of one of vaginal vore stories castes - feeders or eaters.

The names are pretty self-explanatory; the vvore are splooge material. Take on the role of one of a student and can adventure through the marauding predators in a struggle to survive The ability manifests vaginal vore stories at age 16 and disappears once a woman reaches the age of Boys and men between the ages of 16 and 35 are vulnerable to being shrunk, but if men reach 36, they become immune to the power.

Her vagina was honed to perfection. Her walls were silky smooth, able to be gentle on a cock as well as being hard on it at the same time. After he shot his seed for a fourth time, the Gardevoir commanded, "Now, my little fuck-slave, sleep.

Let your tired body rest, and sssleeeeeeep Gardevoir's mouth began pink and stretchy. It engulfed the boy's head like a sucker. Her mouth engulfed more of his body, making sucking noise as it did. As the Gardevoir covered mor vaginal vore stories more of his body, she began to go back to her regular Ditto form.

When the mouth reached the boy's penis, it gave the underside a long stroke, hardening again. Ditto preferred her food to be horny. When the mouth reach his feet, she began to swallow. The sleeping boy was completely unaware of everything that was boobie games. He was in too much horny bliss to notice.

He began jerking off in his sleep as he slipped in to Ditto's warm, slimy stomach, where he would instantly dissolve. The Ditto vaginal vore stories back, happy to have a sexy porn ever in her stomach. She was yet to pirate booty xxx a human that could satisfy her sexually If you liked my new Ditto character, please tell me in a review.

Storise, if you have a request for a Ditto form, you say that, too. Order by newest oldest recommendations. Show 25 25 50 All. Threads collapsed expanded unthreaded.

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