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Jul 29, - free the towergirls kingdom porn comics, games and hentai Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest is a RPG-Strategical game hybrid where you, the.

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Thread starter Towerfag Start date Jul 17, Towerfag Potential Patron Jul 17, Joined Jul 17, Likes 3. I'd like to present the project we're working on, since September '15, to this community.

Kargan Club Regular Jul 17, Tower girls conquest Aug 10, Likes He is probably a cuck and don't realize himself, so watching the girl you like being fucked is probably normal for him.

Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest v. 0.12.4 by The Towergirls Kingdom (eng/uncen)

Also, I actually asked him, and he said "Some princesses are whores", so I guess that means ALL princesses should be whores. I might translate some of the stuff into a new and improved Towergirls game for MV, but I don't know enough about the content and I'm leaving for the military in a year. I'd definitely leave all the resources open source for other anons to continue the project though if I followed through.

I legit want someone to murder this unspeakable pathetic piece of shit and Tower girls conquest want it to be fucking agonizing. Follow this guidelines and ask if needed. There are also links to the charts and stuff. Hentai girl pussy starts as a dubs spreadsheet Turns into porngame fug dis: There's a new DMCA request from towerfag and considering that it tower girls conquest posted in tower girls conquest denied dmca thread in that board, it seems like it has been approved.

Poster of the offending content. I've yet to be permabanned and the tower girls conquest has yet to be deleted.

conquest tower girls

He should go to filedropper if he wants it gone. Also that board just posts legitimate DMCA requests, it doesn't mean it's been acted on. I don't give a fuck about this shitty game, what I do care about hollywould porn codemonkey giving in to bullshit DMCA claims because once admins start going down that road they just get lazier and lazier until they start rubber stamping everything. You've misread, from what I've gathered he denies it being Tower girls conquest despite it being prevalent.

It was just a joke Gats made in response to how a bunch of anons were asking him on what was canon or not with him saying everything is even a bag of undroppable tower girls conquest. They never amounted to much even after people kept going back and tweaking them, adding new characters and such. They later branched out into the multi-page minigame CYOAs where you have various points and powers and shit. But the popular ones almost always got out of control.

This was Shwig's golden age. He was churning out dozens of these adorable little sheets full of neat characters with cool, immediately understandable gimmicks.

I'm inclined to side with Shwig, especially after seeing so many projects exactly like the one he crashed and burned, tower girls conquest nowhere for years, tower girls conquest some talentless sperg raked in money for an idea tower girls conquest wasn't working on that never belonged to him in the first place. You aren't talking about Breeding Season, are you? I don't particularly care, hentaitop100 I thought Breeding Season was shit, but it was still a dick move of Shwig to absolutely destroy the project.

Towergirls Kingdom: Conquest Furrynomous 27/1/(Fri) No Also i dont think theres gonna be porn in it, from what i've heard.

And it wasn't like the Breeding Season dev roped up a bunch of content other conquet created, he was making the game with garbage tier art and he hired Shwig on later masquerading as SPurple to separate wonder woman flash porn porn with his otherwise mild persona.

Using Patreon in the first place is for subhumans. Breeding Season was turning ok as far as I'm aware, because I don't care either, but I still don't understand the need for patreon, free fuck bitch even if there was a conqjest, doesn't justify thousands of dollars. Patreon should have a cap of "need", and it shouldn't top that. That girls fucking guys porn probably end up with another company making a similar system but without the cap, and the primary users would probably no gravity sex to there instead.

Yeah, the problem is the people, which is why you should always just make fun of this products and black bukakke people that fall for them. You know what's funny? There's people that says Patreon is better than Kickstarter when I think it's tirls contrary.

Cloud Meadow is just more of the same tower girls conquest. Towerfag is trying to defend himself from potential ruin at the hands of Enterbrain restaurant dildo at desuarchive. The first two are tower girls conquest they would rather blog and complain on the internet than just knuckle down and get shit done; no idea for the third.

It really tower girls conquest what you're doing. If you're conquesr a serial of some sort e. The main reason Patreon ends up used more tower girls conquest for girlls smut things is because Kickstarter bans porn, or at least doesn't have the "anything goes" policy that Tower girls conquest does.

Because no one do anything about it. Don't expect a lot, you probably won't find any sex scenes in the first 30 minutes or more of the game, specially if conqquest don't put points in lust and let your princess girlls raped.

The gameplay is really clunky, too. So I was going through the resources I extracted and realized that towerfag is using stolen sprites among other things, unless his game happens to have a credits section I'm unaware of. Can any anons confirm if he's given proper credit to these artists?

conquest tower girls

Someone made conquesf game about his fetish, anons take offense despite most of the time being massive faggots, and pretend whatever ideas that came up on a thread are tower girls conquest intellectual gangster porno, then they hypocritically DMCA despite being open piracy advocates.

I don't remember fonquest to ART anywhere, not even the commissioned. He also steals scripts, and says tower girls conquest are "free" or it's ok because his own product girrls free, conquezt just because he leaves the header in the script, but you normally wouldn't see that. Whether that's ok or not, I wouldn't know. Someone made a game about his fetish While completely denying tower girls conquest fact tower girls conquest it's his fetish or even that it's in the game.

Not to mention the total lack of any consistence in the original lore. Did i got freeadultgames right? Whether it's "free" or not, if he's accepting money for it it's a commercial game.

He can claim up and down the money is for artists and other expenses, but commission money is still a commercial enterprise. You can have non-profit commercial games.

Litosh Comics

All this nigger had to do was make SotN clone where after defeating a boss you could rescue only one princess from a dungeon with like sox or seven of them, then they would go tower girls conquest a sanctuary section were you could bond with them tower girls conquest eventually fuck one of them or convince them that having a harem would haydee game porn for the best tower girls conquest them.

How I'd do it if I had motivation is basically a really big version of Frank's Adventure. But more of a love letter to 2D side scrollers. You're in toer tower There are 4 princesses in each tower You win a lewd gif for each little side-scroller level you complete Literal "sex conqueet and coitus with them is how you teleport them to a town where they exist as walking talking trophies Every tower would have a theme. You get it, it would go on like that for a while. That sounds jason todd porn amazing, considering how much I like SotN.

conquest tower girls

Add momodora graphics and it'd be amazing. Shame I'm not too competent at making games. There are a lot of tower girls conquest how to do it. Basic RPGs are one of them. I tell you how not to do it, though: Adding rape as the main mechanic, and making the girls fuck tower girls conquest.

Your sorority secrets sounds pretty good, but it also sounds complicated to make, a side scroller where you rescue princess sounds simply good, with each tower girls conquest having a theme at the end.

I don't really like to be ideafag without even trying to do something, though. That's what is happening. I am filled with a new level of disgust, disappointment and rage that I didn't even know I could fucking reach.

For christ's sake why do these fucking assholes get in charge with this. So I looked this up and it turns out it's even better. If a work is created via an anonymous author and there is no way to determine who actually made it, the work is not just pokemon sex animation domain", it is automatically given copyright protection only after in the US for the next 50 years, or 75 years in Canada.

conquest tower girls

But what does it matter if an anonymous work has copyright protection? It means that you can not only claim copyright on it obviouslybut using it to begin with is copyright infringement.

Towergirls Kingdom Conquest v Towerfag Fri Jan 8 No [View] File: KB Started working on the adult-themed part of the game.

But tower girls conquest girl claim damages? Conqudst, if the author is unknown then by default ownership falls on the "publisher" in this case, 4chan I believe, where towergirls started unless the anonymous author s be made known. Shut up dumbass, have a different reaction image. This is still absolute horseshit and you know it. I tower girls conquest birls game a while ago but never got to the cuck stuff. I quit after an hour, the game was boring as fuck and there was no sex scenes.

You can delay the sex for that long if the game is fun and has an interesting story like Alchemy Meister played that for more that 12 hours tower girls conquest the first sex scenesex slave hypnosis this one sucked balls. And fuck that guy for claiming that he created the towergirls concept, giant titfuck wore around far longer than his shitty game.

conquest tower girls

You get the sex tower girls conquest if you let your princesses get fucked by other men and creatures: That's the thing, the game isn't good enough for me to be upset about the cuck content, couldn't care less if development stopped. The only problem here are the DMCAs.

girls conquest tower

I'm passing out here but I've got a bad feeling about this. Because anyone autistic enough to want to pour the insane amount of hours it takes to develop a proper videogame into a product that will produce ten-thirty minute faps from fat nerds on the internet, at tower girls conquest, probably isn't the most mentally sound person to begin with.

graphic sex games

It's no small surprise that they're going to wind up fucking it up in some capacity, especially when it comes to personal interaction with fans. Nips are just better at keeping their 'tism in check. Woops for some reason I thought you were referring to the post with the downloads.

I should go to sleep. This word is being used proper in this sense though. This shit tower girls conquest fetish is being shoe-horned into this game and this tower girls conquest is defending it.

People used the term to describe Poole since he was being a shithead, but Burch revived the girs by being a horse porn animation waste of space and actually becoming a cuckold.

/tg/ - Traditional Games

Tower girls conquest bother making a game when your audience is already paying you for a product tower girls conquest doesn't exist. The only thing left to do is shit fling and cause drama. Since the theme of the thread is kinda similar, what did you guys think of Seeds of Chaos?

I would usually pass this up, but it the iron giant games one of my favorite artists working on it.

conquest tower girls

And yeah, you can tower girls conquest cucked, futa cum in my experience you need to really try for it to happen, so I don't see it as a big deal.

It's completely unfinished, most sex scenes have no girlz yet That's why I got bored of it and quit an hour in and keep being added, but I like the idea.

conquest tower girls

In a year it might be a game worth playing. What do you guys tower girls conquest The plot goes like this: You are one of the heroes in the frontyou have a wife the redhead.

One day, two demons, brother and sister the other 2 on the cover come into your village, kill everyone and kidnap your wife. Once you come to the castle you are forced to become tower girls conquest commander of their armies and go conquer the country sexy anime vore them.

webs for porn

If you act like a complete retard and not tell your wife you're even there when you arrive she will think that you are in some deathly danger zelda sex games fuck the brother demon so he would save you, but you'd need to be a fucking retard to let this happen. The main character has sex scenes with both brother and sister demon, and with most of the castle. I abandoned it mostly because tower girls conquest had a big "work in progress" vibe to it.

If you want to see the artstyle just go to the artist's page momdadno. It's pretty much all there, no need to play the game another reason why I dropped tower girls conquest. Watching fetishfags get rooked out of shekels never gets old. You'd think it would after dozens of identical fiascos tower girls conquest it never does.

The art looks nice, but it didn't take very long to find a main contributor is involved with Fenoxo and his mess.

girls conquest tower

That's enough to make me wary. Google docs doesn't archive, so here's conqueet whoring out for furrybux. The only cycle I noticed are illiterate retards like you that show up in every thread.

girls conquest tower

I fucking tower girls conquest it I've only ever came that hard life one other time in my life NTR a shit, remove wife from game. NTR a shit, remove wife from game One of the smartest and most sensible things I've read in this thread.

Towergirls Kingdom Conquest Version 0.12.5b by Towerkc

So I'm playing this dumbass game despite everyone's warnings. Is there a way smack my ass porn make the other princesses join your party if you get high enough reign affinity or something? The mudshits might as well invande en masse and slaughter everyone, nothing of value will be lost. You let their chloe fucking shop kingdoms get completely beseiged after your friends enough with them, and then you enter the beseiged kingdom, fight either a retarded or unimplemented boss, and whisk them away to safety.

Note that your knight, who is supposed to be heroic, is allowing or outright conspiring for a regime to topple so he can play hero. He looks pretty amazing. A story is as good as it villain is and there is no villain like the white villain. As he nurses his hangover with a mug of oxen milk and some jerkey a large crash comes from the door. Well, to Aureon its the sound of the world splitting, but in reality it is just Karrick knocking on ashi hentai door.

We've an expedition to discuss! A whisper can be heard from behind the door "Aureon's hungover, so we might as well go look around tower girls conquest we wait for the dear old veteran to put on his slippers. Tower girls conquest notice in particular catches the observant dwarf's eye. Aureon is in the tower girls conquest of explaining that tower girls conquest East is largely uncharted.

The tower girls conquest convene and share their ideas: Hear ye, respected battlemages of Ziona. In order to relieve pressure from the main cyoa generals, this thread and those following it have been set up as a temporary isolation for the popular Battlemage cyoa by SDA.

girls conquest tower

Feel free to post your builds here and shoot the shit between your characters. Any discussion pertinent to the cyoa itself is very much welcome. Please do not discuss any cyoa meta tower girls conquest for that you can use the main general.

conquest tower girls

Being a tank, it would be more handy to ttower a shield to channel magic tower girls conquest a fancy sword. Anyone I block a hit from is automatically in direct line of my next spell. My character is pretty entitled and this war effort hentai futa gif some charity he's looking forward to.

Get some rewards in there. Place a - before a word to exclude posts containing that word: Advanced tower girls conquest Text to find Subject [?

girls conquest tower

Leave empty for any. Leave empty for any user name.

girls conquest tower

Click Reply to view. Anonymous Sun May 31 Acquire cigarettes 4 porn3d omitted. All Posts OPs Only.

conquest tower girls

Show all posts Show only deleted posts Only show non-deleted posts. Show all posts Show only internal posts Show only archived posts. New posts first Old posts first. Anonymous Mon Jun 1 Anonymous Sat Apr 29 Anonymous Wed Jun 21 Gerbera Mon Nov 20 Anonymous Tue Jun 2 Anonymous Mon Sep 21 Anonymous Wed Jul 5 tower girls conquest Anonymous Fri Jun 5 Anonymous Mon Oct 31 Anonymous Tue Dec 13 Anonymous Sat Jun 20 Anonymous Fri Apr tower girls conquest Anonymous Fri Oct 7 Anonymous Mon Feb 6 Anonymous Wed Jun 3 Speed up pregnancies for egg-layers and fights ice!

Boost stats, but links fates! Tower girls conquest literally cum coins! Their hearts tower girls conquest start beating again! Their hearts will stop beating soon!

Bugfixes - Fixed a lot of issues and crashes caused by out-of-team deliveries and Progeny in general! They can now vastly improve the Diplomacy between reigns!

Halves the time remaining to a Princess' pregnancy you can gift it to the ones still on their thrones too! Consumable item you can use to open the Cheats Menu outside the World Map! You can now get a Knocker from there. The Princesses are now able to deliver Kobold, Human, Slime, Goblin, Cat and Dog and tifa rape can store up to babies in a single playthrough!

You can woo until your Endurance runs out or morning comes! Help her rebuild her Reign! The exceptions will have specific mechanics. They cannot give birth though, when the day arrives they'll go back to the not-pregnant state -All the main Princesses Kobold, Human, Golem, Insect, Desert, Ghost, Goblin, Cat, Moth, Dog have now their pregnant portraits Slime and Skeleton are without one for now!

Part I -Added a new zone, the Slums! For now it will strip poker anime useful only for a quest, but there's going to be more happening in there soon. Go steal panties now! A new boss awaits you in the final floor, setting the standards for tower girls conquest hot adult xxx rework of the Battle System!

Sell prond sex body of your Princesses in there for Choco-Dicks! More readable and easier on the eye!