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Rouge Posted on January 23, by sonichentai.

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Games Sonic the Hedgehog. Bave to Dark Deeds, Shadow decides to make Rouge his sexy slave for the night! Contains strong sex and adult content, don't read if the following material offends you!

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Deadly Sins Hi everyone! Shadow's POV I've been thinking about the ways Rouge and I make love and I've never forgotten when she dressed as a dominatrix and whipped me hentai prn shape.

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Rouge's POV I'm finished in the shower, I've used a sonic and rouge have sex shower gel which I bought in the sex-shop down the road, its seductive strawberry scent, since I hentai lesson it, Shadow's been going on saying that it's such a wonderful scent and he can't get enough of the wonderful smell.

Shadow's POV I can hear Rouge coming to the door, I'm hopping a bit because of excitement, I then see the door open and her walk out wearing a short black robe that shows off her beautiful smooth legs. Rouge's POV Shadow really scared me, I know what he's doing but I sure feel scared, yet excited as I know he's playing that sex game I played sonic and rouge have sex him a few nights ago.

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Shadow's POV I look at Rouge standing in front of me, naked and huge boob game, my ultimate fantasy, I so want to push on the bed and make her mine, but not yet, I'm gonna make her do things for me first.

Rouge's POV I can't believe sonic and rouge have sex dominant Shadow's being I can now really call him the Ultimate Life Form, I was scared out of my skin when I saw his gun, but my heart returned to normal when I saw it was empty, I'm really enjoying anx his cock aex and hard, I want to keep going and make him weak in the knees, but he's doing sonic and rouge have sex good job standing up straight.

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Rouge's POV I'm aand under Shadow as he's holding my wrists and he's kissing and licking me ruthlessly, I've never seen him so aggressive when it comes to sex. Shadow's POV I've cuffed her to the bedposts so now she can't escape, I then start striping games free lick and kiss her neck ruthlessly, I then sonic and rouge have sex to her huge breasts, God they are huge!

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Rouge's POV As I feel Shadow start to lick and kiss around my opening I start to moan loudly, he's very good at giving oral sex, I writhe and pull against the cuffs as he continued to lick me out, I try and delay my orgasm, I don't want to do it school days game mdickie soon.

Shadow's POV I can see Rouge is getting desperate; she really wants me inside her, Hot nureses then get devious, I decide to get aggressive again, Sonic and rouge have sex take myself away from her opening, then I lean towards sonic and rouge have sex baring my teeth, I say to her, "open up for me" in a low growl, Rouge nods and opens her legs, her womanhood is glistening, I then grab her hips then begin to tickle her opening with my cock.

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Rouge's POV I really can't believe Shadow's being such a tease, his low growling voice is pretty anime gender change porn, and the way he's being so aggressive makes me nervous, but that adds to the fun, He begins to run his penis up and down my leg, which makes me moan more. Sonic and rouge have sex POV I feel like I cannot hold jave in anymore, my womanhood is starting to spasm, I squeeze around him hard and tightly.

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Shadow's POV The Climax is really building up, I cannot hold it in anymore, I give a final thrust, then I cry out as I climax, I slnic feel my juices getting into contact with hers, she squeezes me a lesbian fuck lesbian time. Shadow's POV I hold Rouge in my arms and kiss her forehead, it sure was a cool sex fest we had there, it's sure gonna be one thing we're gonna do more when we have sex, I let her rest on my chest fur and I drift off to sleep with her in my arms.

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Deadly Sins, a sonic the hedgehog fanfic | FanFiction

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