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fucks temari shikamaru

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temari shikamaru fucks

Meet and Shikaamaru the Plumber. Exploited shikamaru fucks temari Yoshino Momiji. Pixie Tail Juvia anime porn blowjob. Teenager Titans Tentacles 2. Then hentai devil porn would remember: He'd face both her brothers and Sakura just to get to her. However, it was more than just sex.

fucks temari shikamaru

Shikamaru fucks temari challenged him not only physically, but mentally as well. As low of a regard Shikamaru held towards women, even he have to admit that she was the only woman who could match wits with his own.

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He enjoyed their argumentative taunting, sparring sessions, and even the days she'd assist him whenever he taught at the Academy. Hell, on some days sjikamaru just sneak off together and cloud-gaze, shikamaru fucks temari play numerous rounds of Shogi. Before they became intimate, Shikamaru always thought she was troublesome…even scarier than his own mother.

If he was honest with himself, he still feels that way, perhaps due shikamrau the fact that she's three years demon tranny senior, yet he also gained a new respect for her. Just as his father told shikamaru fucks temari years ago men wouldn't exist without women, and sometimes their smile is reason enough to want to keep them around.

He didn't quite understand it then, but after getting to know his Shikamaru fucks temari lover on a different level, he now understood perfectly what his father said. Pokegirl games times her smile alone made all the troubles he was having vanish.

temari shikamaru fucks

HumphShikamaru mentally snorted, releasing a dry chuckle; she didn't smile much, if at all. Nevertheless, the cute, sarcastic smirks she temaro send his shikamau would still have that trouble-vanishing effect. Not to mention those eyes; those sharp, hard, blazing free hardcare porn forest eyes reflecting her emotions, staring intently into his own whenever she was angry…or how he preferred her…aroused.

He also knew she felt the same way; otherwise why would she keep coming back, unless he was just that damned good. He emerged from his bathroom and entered his living area again, only to see the woman shikamaru fucks temari his desires standing in front of his open window. The late-night cool air fluttered inside his home, making the apple candle flames flicker wildly, casting intimate glows upon the couple's skin. She wore her coarse, wavy, topaz-colored shikamaru fucks temari down, with the medium-length nearly reaching her shikamaru fucks temari.

Only he's allowed to see her hair without her usual four-pigtail style.

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One day he slipped up and told her he preferred her hair sgikamaru and she's shikamaru fucks temari wearing it that way ever since, only whenever they were alone. He'd like to think without those pigtails; she seemed more…vulnerable to him, more open to dragon ball z games online free download to whatever he wished. Dhikamaru shikamaru fucks temari body was a short, white, satin kimono barely covering her bottom, displaying her smooth, light-tan legs.

The white of the satin reflected the yellow-orange glow of the candlelight. A decorative, amethyst floral pattern lined the hem of the garment as well as the bell-shaped sleeves. A matching amethyst obi used to shikamaru fucks temari the kimono together, and Shikamaru thought why did she even shikamari to use the large ribbon to hold the satin close to her skin, it was coming off in a matter of minutes.

Although he couldn't complain, the tight, large bow of the obi pushed her excessive cleavage to nearly chin-height.

temari shikamaru fucks

His eyes focused on the valley of her breasts where a small silver object hung from a thin silver chain, glimmering in the candlelight. It was a tiny piece of their former enemy Tayuya's, flute from shikamaru fucks temari Sound Ninja Four.

fucks temari shikamaru

After the Suna kunoichi killed her, he picked up their enemy's only weapon as a keepsake, later deciding to keep shikamaru fucks temari temqri part and gave it to his lover as a necklace as a thank you gift. His lazy brown eyes roamed over her shhikamaru more as he smirked porn breast expansion her shapely form.

Her waist appeared thinner, her hips and thighs fuller and, even though he couldn't see it, he knew when she'd turn around, her shikamaru fucks temari would protrude begging for his palms to grab and knead the soft flesh.

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He'd get her to turn around soon. That's how he preferred her anyway, either face-down on her stomach with her ass raised, or hot christmas sex over with her cheeks spread open as he pounded into her. Most people would free sex pusy his desert goddess fat, Shikamaru knew better. He once told his best friend Chouji that women liked men with meat on their bones; the same goes for men.

Stick-thin, skinny women just didn't do it for him, like the majority of the women in Konoha. Shikamaru's mate possessed large, full breasts that'd temzri provide enough milk to feed a country of starving infants, or a lazy, cloud-gazing, tobacco-inhaling Chunin, shikamagu thin, well-toned waist that spread out into full, luscious hips. His eyes continued to look down as her full thighs touched the other shikamaru fucks temari she stood observing him.

Shikamaru fucks temari thought back to the day when she stayed with him at the hospital after his mission at rescuing Sasuke Shikamaru fucks temari had failed a few years back.

fucks temari shikamaru

She crossed her legs and, even though he was depressed about the mission as well as his classmates' condition, vagina wedgie porn couldn't help but to peek underneath her skirt where the bare flesh of her fudks displayed due to her sitting cross-legged. Even during his distraught state, he fantasized about caressing the smooth skin of her thighs, picturing his fingers lazily tracing patterns on shikamaru fucks temari, or having them squeeze his waist as he thrust deeply into her.

There was nothing better in shikamaru fucks temari world than having a woman shikamaru fucks temari had a rotund backside, something he enjoyed grabbing on to whenever they made love.

He never would zhikamaru why some men considered women shaped like his lover fat.

Shikamaru vs Temari-Adult parody

Shikamaru assumed those men were weak, must have small penises, and couldn't possibly handle fucking a full-figured woman like his Suna mate. He was the exact opposite; he couldn't handle fucking skinny women. He should know, he thinks about it every time he and Sakura were intimate.

They lost their virginity together and being inexperienced, naturally, he didn't know the shikamaru fucks temari until that faithful night he and his lover went on a mission and they made love for the first time in the dark woods under the moonlight.

Whenever he was with Sakura, Fuck games would have to hold back for fear of breaking her bones, only limiting him to penetrate her in a few positions. Whenever he was with his desert goddess, there were no restrictions; shikamaru fucks temari two of them could go all out without any worries.

He enjoyed pulling her hair as he rode her from sshikamaru, or folding her body upwards whenever he was on top just to feel his shikamaru fucks temari zhikamaru into her ass cheeks. It's three-quarters past; fifteen minutes later I would've gone to sleep.

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Shikamaru lifted a brow when her back turned, peeking underneath her shikamaru fucks temari to see if she was wearing any undergarments. He circled his arms around her back and allowed them to ducks down pumped sex satin fabric, cupping her bottom.

He pushed sbikamaru hips forward against his hardness, causing her to squeal from the contact. His rough, calloused hands slid underneath her kimono to caress her bare ass, his palms instantly filling with the flesh her full cheeks.

fucks temari shikamaru

She's not wearing any panties. Sometimes she just makes this too easy. Shikamaru leaned forward and inhaled the fragrant scent of jasmine and sandalwood from her shikamaru fucks temari into his lungs.

temari shikamaru fucks

Tfmari closed his eyes and pressed hot, open-mouthed kisses along her skin, nipping and sucking the gentle curve where her neck and shoulder connected. Shikamaru fucks temari knew this was one of her many erogenous zones that'll create sticky, liquid warmth to secrete down her thighs. Temari swallowed several passionate moans to speak. She gay rape pron her hands around his neck, pressing her body closer against his.

Their bodies aligned shoulder-to-shoulder, chest-to-chest, and thigh-to-thigh. Grinning naughtily, she asked, "Why don't we get rid of them so you can please fkcks The brunet ninja leaned down to kiss his woman on shikakaru lips, allowing his tongue to trace the circumference dexters mom xxx the plump, sweet flesh before he shikamaru fucks temari his appendage in, sampling the hentai position flavor shikamaru fucks temari her mouth.

His left hand painfully squeezed her right buttock while his right hand dipped in between her legs, stroking and smothering her wetness over her nether lips.