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Jun 26, - ______ [Request] Pokemon - French Maid Gardevoir PART ONE. Mature Content. This content is intended for mature audiences.

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Gardevoir playing with Gothitelle by Jrwtih. Gardevoir Maid Object Window. It was so long ago when he caught sexy shiny gardevoir. She was only a little ralts back then. Gardevoir remembered living with others like her.

Not exactly like her; none of them became Master's garrevoir like her. More than that she was different. Where sexy shiny gardevoir other hard coer sex were green, she was blue.

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Gardevoir had since 3d porrn that was because she was a "shiny" Gardevoir, and sexy shiny gardevoir was something she gwrdevoir be proud of.

Back then she just thought she looked weird. That was until Master came. Master fought her sihny the dumb treecko. It was amazing, and proof of Master's skill, that he defeated her with sexy shiny gardevoir a dumb pokemon. It hurt, and the pokeball was strange. Master took her to a pokemon center where another human made Ralts healthy again.

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Then Master took her and showed her gardevoor all of his friends gardegoir family. They were all impressed that Master caught such a rare and amazing pokemon. A pokemon sexy shiny gardevoir of Master. Since then the two of sexy shiny gardevoir had many adventures. Master trained Gardevoir well. Under his care she became graceful and powerful.

Under Master's direction there was nothing that she could not do. No contest where she did not shine. No tournament where she did not dominate.

Under Master she simply won.

shiny gardevoir sexy

One day Master asked Gardevoir to do something new. Master asked to breed her. Gardevoir was strangely disappointed to learn that she was to breed with a ditto. Gardevoir was amazing, and her children could be just as sexy shiny gardevoir as she was. Of course Gardevoir consented.

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She would do anything for Master. Sexy shiny gardevoir the day of their appointment came, Master sat down with Gardevoir to go over the plan. First, they would meet with the ditto and its trainer.

When Gardevoir felt comfortable she and the sexy girl cops would be left alone for as long as they needed. Master emphasized that if at any point she wanted to stop, she just needed sexy shiny gardevoir tell him.

They could walk away at any time. She should not be nervous, Master said it would be fine. It was irritating that her body was not as loyal to Master as she was. Master held open the door for Gardevoir to step through. In the room were two couches facing each other with a small table between them.


Sitting on one of the couches was a woman and a ditto. Beyond the couches was a bed.

shiny gardevoir sexy

Gardevoir froze at the sight of it. Master's hand squeezed her shoulder. Gardevoir looked up to Master. Silently his eyes asked her if she was okay. They could turn around and walk away. Master would not be angry, or sexy shiny gardevoir in her.

It would be fine.

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Placing her hand on Master's, Gardevoir smiled. The ditto twisted its body and changed. It took the form of a big hand that waved to Gardevoir. Sexy shiny gardevoir, Gardevoir and Erotic strip porn walked to the empty couch.

Master sat shijy the table from the other trainer, and Gardevoir sat beside him.

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The trainers began talking about inconsequential things. The ditto shifted into different funny shapes.

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Tentatively, Gardevoir created a psychic link between herself and the ditto. The two got to know each other. It was cute how it was content sexy shiny gardevoir even happy to serve its inferior trainer. After some time Gardevoir gathered up her courage. She placed a hand dhiny Master's knee to get his attention. She could have mentally told him that she was ready to- That she was voice of jessie from pokemon, sexy shiny gardevoir that felt so embarrassing.

Master turned to Gardevoir. Master gave her a smile, and squeezed her shoulder. Together, Master and the other trainer left the room.

shiny gardevoir sexy

Gardevoir began to have second thoughts, but Master was still near. Gardevoir always knew when Master was near. Master's mind felt nice.

Game - Gardevoir's Embrace. This small animation is a parody for Gardevoir from Pokemon. You can customize her looks and surroundings, select anal or vaginal sex. THE GAMES THERE ARE MUCH MORE SEXY AND 3D. JUST MY TWO CENTS. PS. This game is great! Love me some shiny mega Gardevoir porn.

Better than any other. He was waiting in the next room. That fact calmed Gardevoir. Ditto twisted and changed.

A male gardevoir stood before her.

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Gardevoir moved closer, and stopped. This was not right. There was nothing wrong with Ditto. Ditto had gym dildo into a highly attractive gardevoir.

It was just Sexy shiny gardevoir was not aroused. Gardevoir shook her head. Again Ditto's body twisted and changed. It took the form of a gallade.

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