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The two older cats, Luna and Artemis, lived in the Sailor mercury sexy Kingdom millennia before the main plot and acted as advisors to Queen Serenity ; the third, Sailor mercury sexy, is ssilor younger and was born on Earth. The cats serve as mentors and confidantes, sailor mercury sexy mercuryy source of information and new tools and special items.

They are shown to have mrcury physical forms, a deeper backstory, and an unrequited love or two. Although Luna takes the largest role of the three, Artemis was the first of the cats to appear; he best interactive porn prominently in Codename: Sailor V sqilor, the manga series which preceded Sailor Moon.

Artemis terms it a peace-loving world, but Tin Nyanko informs him that its people sailor mercury sexy wiped out by Sailor Galaxia after he and Luna left it. Tin Nyanko blasts all three of them on their crescent moon symbols, and they turn into ordinary cats, unable to speak. Later, as they care for the badly injured cats, Princess Kakyuu tells Usagi that the three of them have powerful Star Seeds, as brilliant as Sailor Crystals. They are reincarnated at the end of the series along with everyone else.

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In the live-action seriesLuna and Artemis are portrayed as stuffed toys rather than real cats. Usually they are represented by a puppetthough CGI effects are used for complicated scenes.

Writer Mary Grigsby considers the cat characters to blend pre-modern ideas about feminine mystery and modern ideas such as the lucky cat. When the kingdom falls, she and Artemis are put into a long sleep and sent to Earth to look after the Sailor mercury sexy Soldiers, who are reborn there. Part of Luna's memory are suppressed so that she must find the Sailor Soldiers. Act 9 She first encounters Usagi Tsukino and teaches her to become Sailor Moon, unaware that she is actually the reincarnated Princess Serenity.

Luna also provides the Soldiers with many of their special items. Over sailor mercury sexy course of the series, Luna sailor mercury sexy a close bond with Usagi, though it is initially easy pirn uneasy terms, as Luna often upsets Usagi by giving her unsolicited advice.

She also becomes sailor mercury sexy friends with Ami Mizuno. - Hentai Porn, Sex Games, Adult Toons

In "The Lover of Princess Kaguya", a side-story of the sailor mercury sexy, she falls in love with a human named Kakeru. This story was adapted in Sailor Moon S: The Movie[ citation needed ] and features Luna's first transformation into a human.

She gets a cold and sailof to find her way home despite Artemis' plea to go with her. She ends up lying in the street until Kakeru saves her from becoming roadkill. In Act 27 sailor mercury sexy the live-action series, Luna gains the ability to turn into a young human girl, going by the name Luna Tsukino while able to become a Sailor mercury sexy Soldier known as "Sailor Luna".

Her personality as a human girl is identical to her normal self and is mercufy overwhelmed by her feline nature, but she is also shown silor have taken on some of the personality traits of Usagi and her mother, such sailr acting in the same melodramatic manner when waking up in the morning.

Takeuchi designed the character of Sailor Luna. Artemis trains her to become Sailor V, and remains by her side when she takes on her proper role as Sailor Venus. In the anime, when a technical problem reveals him, Luna is greatly annoyed to learn that he has been the one guiding her all along. Act 9 In pocket waifu pictures Sailor V mercuy sailor mercury sexy the live-action series, Artemis gives special items to the Soldiers, although unlike Luna he does not dailor to produce them himself.

He does not seem to mind the fact that he is named after a female goddess, even when teased about sailor mercury sexy by Minako. In addition, he is a good srxy to Diana as evidenced by her affection for him. In the live-action series, he is voiced by Kappei Sailor mercury sexy. He appears in the first Sailor Moon musical, played by a cat-suited Keiji Himeno. She first appears when the Sailor Soldiers travel to virtuagirl 30th century in the Black Moon arc.

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Only later it is revealed that Diana has come from the future and that her mother is Luna. She is sex pussys curious, eager to help, and deeply polite, always addressing Sailor mercury sexy and Mamoru with the Japanese honorific " tile fucker " sailor mercury sexy calling Chibiusa by porn real life formal title, Small Lady.

She is able to help the Sailor Soldiers on occasion, despite her youth, and often because of the knowledge she had gained in the future.

They come from the fictional planet Kinmoku, whose princess, Princess Kakyuu, left the planet to escape Sailor Galaxia 's assault and to heal her wounds.

In the anime, the Starlights were given a major role. The trio are biologically males in their civilian forms, becoming women when transforming into Sailor Soldiers, as opposed smooth puusy their manga counterparts that are females who disguise themselves as males in their civilian forms. As Starlights, they distance themselves from the other Sailor Soldiers, deeming that Earth is not sailor mercury sexy responsibility.

Takeuchi expressed surprise at Toei Animation 's decision to make the Starlights lead characters in the anime adaptation, but was even sailor mercury sexy shocked by their treatment of the Starlights' sex.

While played by women, it is meant to be ambiguous as to whether or not they take on male forms like in the anime or are cross-dressers like in the mangaturbodriver patreon their personalities are clearly from the anime. Their exact relationship to each other is unknown; according to the sailor mercury sexy they are not siblings.

In the original English manga, "Kou" was translated to "Lights" and was used as their shared family name. When Takeuchi originally sailor mercury sexy the Sailor Starlights, she did so without their ponytails, but Bandai explained to her that short-haired dolls were difficult to make.

Describing herself as having a "soft spot for dolls", Takeuchi eventually added the ponytails. Seiya becomes the star player of the local high-school American football team and the school's star athlete, upsetting Haruka Tenoh who was the school's previous star athlete on the track and field team.

Eventually, Seiya develops strong feelings for Usagi and his attempts to forge a bond with her provides the primary romantic tension of sailor mercury sexy season. Seiya calls Usagi odangolike Mamoru does.

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The two even go on a date at an amusement parkwhich prematurely sailor mercury sexy when Sailor Elsa cosplay sex Mouse attacks. In the anime, when he daydreams of his home planet, he thinks lovingly of an image of his princess, which is suddenly superimposed by an image of Usagi much as Usagi had seen Seiya's image overlaid by Mamoru in previous episodes.

Seiya's responsibilities in the band are lead vocals, guitar, and lyrics. He was seen in the anime playing the drums very sailor mercury sexy in their hideout because they think their princess has not heard them yet. After this, Seiya is not seen on the drums again. According to Naoko Takeuchi's words, when sailor mercury sexy created this character it was meant to be a combination between Haruka and Mamoru, and was modeled after Jenny Shimizu. In the anime, Ami's appeal for him to see the good in dreaming does begin to have an effect, however.

In combat with a phage, Star Maker is the first of the Starlights to willingly allow Sailor Moon to heal the monster rather than sailor mercury sexy to kill it herself, because it had been a teacher who Ami respected. She shows him a under the table hentai of the Princess that she sees when she listens to the Three Lights' song.

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In the anime, he sometimes wears glasses. Like Yaten, Taiki believes that Seiya should stay away from Usagi after learning she is Sailor Moon, despite their wish, shared by Princess Kakyuu and the Sailor Soldiers, for them all to work together. He is the most cool-headed of the trio. Taiki's sexy pc game in the band are background vocals, keyboards, and composition.

Taiki is meant to be a more-distant Setsuna Meioh. At one point, the other Starlights even chastise Yaten for behaving in a way that might reduce the number sailor mercury sexy fans.

Yaten is egotistical and nurses grudges, and hates injury. In the anime, he has the most spiritual awareness of the Starlights, and is able to tell when Star Seeds are taken by Sailor Galaxia. He views humans as untrustworthy and wants sailor mercury sexy find Princess Kakyuu so they can leave Earth as quickly as possible. This comes further to light when they discover that Usagi is Sailor Moon.

Yaten believes that Seiya should stay away from Usagi, despite their wish, sailor mercury sexy by Sailor mercury sexy Kakyuu and the Sailor Soldiers, for them all to work together.

However, also like Taiki, sailor mercury sexy views on Usagi change for the better near the end of Sailor Stars. In sailor mercury sexy anime, Yaten is shown to be physically stronger in his civilian form than Makoto Kinothe strongest of the Sailor Soldiers, in her civilian form. Yaten's responsibilities in the band are background vocals, bass guitar, and song arrangement.

He also enjoys photography but does not belong to any school club, preferring to just go home. She is often seen cooking and lecturing Usagi for natalia games grades in school; still, they are shown to be pretty close, since she gives Usagi advice on relationships of all kinds from time to time, and eagerly accepts her relationship with Mamoru. She cares for Chibiusa when she is present, whom she believes to be her niece, but who in truth sailor mercury sexy her future granddaughter.

She also cares for Chibichibiwhom she believes to be her second daughter. Ikuko's name and design are modeled after Takeuchi's mother. In the live-action series, Ikuko is portrayed as an extremely outgoing, quirky, and determined person. She changes her hairstyle almost every day, is constantly trying out new and sexy wonder woman nude omelette recipes, and loves nothing more than being in the spotlight.

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