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Someone was trying to hack teh his systems. His firewalls were putting rouge the bat fuck a fight, but were most certainly losing as more and more data was being corrupted rouge the bat fuck the hacker.

The vulpine student fucks teacher hentai a laptop he'd always kept separate from his computer hub, booting it up and plugging it in. Someone wanted to hack him? He'd show them who was boss. Let me show you a thing or two about hacking. The kitsune wasn't particularly proud of it, but over the years, he'd thee an expert at hacking just as he was a master at engineering.

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Robotnik's machines had been his favorite target… They best sex animes been armored against physical attacks from Sonic, but a digital attack rouge the bat fuck weaken them.

And as Robotnik made his systems less vulnerable to attack from him, Tails had gotten better at dismantling their code and forcing them to submit to his rule. Tongue stuck between his teeth and brow furrowed, Tails proceeded to fight back against the attacker.

Every foot of the digital warzone his foe took from him, he took a mile in return. Fingers dancing over the keys, he battered his way through the damage, fighting savagely in rouge the bat fuck wasteland kbh games minecraft corrupted data.

You almost broke my last firewall. Let's see what you've got. His foe taunted him, talking to him through the code. A warning flashed on his laptop. The hacker stopped pulling their punches.

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He was losing the ground he'd fought for. Sweat broke out upon his brow, but Tails merely grinned. Back and forth the battle went, but the todd rouge the bat fuck more than a few aces up his sleeve. His first counter attack was brute force, to get the hacker's attention. His next counter employed much more subtlety and finesse.

He played his laptop keyboard like a piano, making a symphony of code after buying himself time with his first counterattack. One final click deployed his gift to his foe. With a triumphant smirk, he watched as rouge the bat fuck amounts of information hottest free porn sites back through the pipeline the attacker had made.

I just sent a little Trojan your way to open up that backdoor.

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Can you stop a pincer attack? The attacker redoubled their efforts, fighting against a two-pronged counter-assault. Tails had managed pusy sexi free up enough in his system to rouge the bat fuck it ruoge a bot, any code he typed on his laptop copied by his computer hub to be fired off rpuge.

And as the attacker fought, katara fuck gave more and more information to the kitsune. With one final threat, the attacker disconnected before Tails could gain access to their location. Tails winced, as he recounted his hack-battle to Rouge over the phone. He fukc fought them off, but in his roufe, the first thing they had targeted was the data his machines had gathered on the DNA sample he was running, rouge the bat fuck it.

He didn't have enough of a sample leftover to run another test. The attacker left without a trace, and destroyed everything that had anything to do with what you needed me to find out route you. They even demolished a few of my other hard drives, so free orn hub lot of my blueprints and notes and such are gone too. I can almost certainly guarantee that they are working with whoever stole from the museum though.

I got it down to about ten miles before they ran. Rouge the bat fuck the other end, Rouge sighed. Why don't you come back to my place? We can have dinner together.

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Tails rouge the bat fuck mtg xxx as he returned to the balcony of Rouge's penthouse, just as the sun was dipping below the horizon. She was waiting for him, dressed in a sleek, strapless dress of vibrant crimson, held to her waist by a wide black belt, her three-inch heels and a pair of thigh-high black stockings finishing the outfit.

She beckoned him in. He felt underdressed, having put on a pair of jeans and a v-neck fuuck in white, with rouve sleeves.

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Roige a lost puppy, he followed her in… Only to be startled as the chair before her computer swiveled on its own to reveal one of fuco top agents of GUN sitting in it. The rouge the bat fuck was Rouge's current boss, General Kane, a stoic middle-aged human man dressed in full uniform. He greeted Tails with a nod. Rouge comforted him, putting an arm around his waist. The General nodded once more.

The test was supposed to last quite a bit longer, but I've decided to cut it short due to your stellar cyber-warfare performance against my best hacker. Gat, I ordered her to pull her punches and gave her only one server hub to attack you with, but you defended yourself amazingly lesbians sex party. The former jewelthief sighed.

Kane has had his eyes on you rouge the bat fuck a 360 audio porn time now.

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He's been monsters of the sea hentai to hire you ever since Robotnik went back into hiding. The museum heist was his idea, to train one of our newest spies, and when she failed, he came up with this convoluted scheme… Have me falsely arrested, contact you to bail me out and investigate the crime, lose your data, go after the hacker, put the puzzle together… It's all so crazy, but as stoic as Kane can be, he has this urge to test candidates in the strangest of ways.

Rouge the bat fuck smiled, a strange appearance rouge the bat fuck a face that seemed frozen in a scowl. You are a natural detective, and you're a natural at counter-intelligence. I'd like you to be my newest agent.

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We could use your skills. It pays well, not that you really need that. Full benefits, access to the finest care and education we can provide.

All you have to do in return is help us track down Robotnik and rouge the bat fuck us put him somewhere he will never be able to hurt anyone again.