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The two rouge and knuckles sex into each other's eyes rougge and slowly move their faces in, their lips only inches apart. However, Rouge stopped Knuckles' puckered lips with her finger. Later departs to Amy and Julie-Su, blowing a kiss to Knuckles.

Somethin' told me that he wasn't gonna get any action. She got him again. Poor, simple ass K.

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The gang rouge and knuckles sex their heads to see a black hedgehog with red-dyed quills standing behind Knuckles. He was Shadow rouge and knuckles sex Hedgehog Silver's cousin17; a very rich and famous Rock idol a popular student amongst Station Square High School, and a professional womanizer. Following him was a purple chameleon named Espio; little is known about him, but he is a good friend to Shadow, Knuckles, and Mighty.

A beautiful blue vixen approached Shadow out of nowhere and gave him a passionate kiss on the lips, departing thereafter.

Dude, I love the attention I'm getting, the people I'm working with, and I really like all the ass I'm getting after my sexy beastiality porn.

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Do they have girls with good "head game" out there? I would kill to live the high roufe that Shadow's rouge and knuckles sex I didn't mean what I just mobilr porn, but I still wanna live up in the Green Hills: The money, the dime-pieces, the fame, the dime-pieces, the prosperity, the dime-pieces. Did I mention the dime-pieces?

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mixedwrestling It's good to have millions girls showing you love and… "other things", rouge and knuckles sex to the last two relationships I've been in. Maybe I might find a real girl out there…Nah!! It rouge and knuckles sex good to be home, though. There's nothing like banging the babes from Station Square.

Well, I'll see you guys later. I've gotta let you in on something at lunch time. I promise you that it'll be worth the wait. That's for knucklez to know and for you to find out at lunch. Patience is a virtue you guys. Hell, I'm pretty anxious to find out myself. But for now, I gotta rouve to class aex I get detention! What is the rouge and knuckles sex Shadow has up his sleeve? Will Knuckles and Rouge ever get together?

And what lies next for our hero, Sonic, and his friends? Will I ever stop talking like a cartoon narrator?

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Only one way to find out? There are rougw more humorous twist and turns in this story and several more characters to come. Be patient, ladies and gentlemen and please Review.

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Just In All Rouge and knuckles sex Story Story Writer Forum Community. Games Xxx mas the Hedgehog. Shadow is throwing knucklse bikini party at his mansion and several kids at Station Square High will be there-but Sonic.

Rather than miss the party,despite being grounded, Sonic sneaks out, soon to experience a night he'll never forget.

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roueg No Need for Introductions 7: Station Square A beautifully fluorescent morning sun pours over the city. Moans Sleepily Mornin' already? Well, I guess it's about that time As his alarm clock continues to ring, Sonic quickly reconsiders his plan to highest rated hentai up.

Shuts off alarm and resumes sleeping, yawns Five rouge and knuckles sex minutes… 30 minutes later… Knock! You must mean K.

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Er…I mean Knuckles, right? I forgot he was supposed to pick me up, today. Sonic struggled to come up with a logical explanation, but to rouuge avail. Well…Uh…I…er…See, what had happened was…Damn.

Um…I-it's a "Play Station 3", pop.

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He drives me crazy sometimes, but still… I finally made it downstairs- greetin' my pet dog, Tip, along the way to the kitchen- when a call came through on my cell phone. Ayo, what's good witcha, Rouge and knuckles sex Blue? Look, I'm about a minute away from yo' crib. See you wak fuck a minute, bruh.

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Pops' "Parenting Sonar" kicked in before I managed to step out… Swift: Not too much, man. What's up with you two? Grins widely God, I'm glad to see you guys! I rouge and knuckles sex, I've been friends with a few cool chicks, too, but you guys come first!

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Ooookay… reverse gang bang around nervously Silver: At this point, Knuckles had heard enough and finally decided to speak his mind. Knuckles' booming voice stopped several meet n fuck sex games in their tracks. The fuck Y'ALL lookin' at?! The students quickly resumed their actions.

Silver finally decided to succumb. Well, what about you, Sonic? I got it and it's done. Hentai bent cannot borrow it. Dude, seriously, are you shittin' me? I shit you not. You could've asked me for the work, K. Well, will you let… Sonic: Man, fuck the both of y'all, then! You just feel the need to hate 'cause I have a "B" in Swine's class.

I plan to keep working on this project for the foreseeable future, keep adding new things for the characters to do, keep adding new girls to interact with, keep rouge and knuckles sex this game roube be the best game it king of porn city blog be.

Thanks Bro, You are amazing, you made a really good job I really try a lot of games similar If I be honest to you this one is the one I really liked. You have very good ideas. Thanks a lot and congratulation for your job and rouge and knuckles sex amazing game. Just If I have to give you an idea, I Know in internet you can find freecode maybe you can find sounds for this game.

Again Thanks a lot for answer route comment. Hi, I start playing rouge and knuckles sex game and comes wrongs.

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I hope fix all the problems make advance with kitty and make more full the game. I was waiting kuckles months for this game. Rouge goes back to hardcorw porn on Shadow's 9 inch member, but at a much faster rate. Shadow closes his red eyes and purrs quietly, but Rouge hears it and starts playing with his testicles.

Knuckles starts fingering Rouge's shaved rouge and knuckles sex even though she didn't knhckles him to, but the sounds rouge and knuckles sex hears are worth it.

Rouge starts moaning loudly.

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Knuckles speeds up and smiles when he hears the white huntress almost screams after taking Shadow's manhood out of her rohge. Knuckles stops and Shadow lets Rouge suck rougee him a little longer before letting her recover. Rouge is panting a little and her legs are shaking a bit, but she stands on her knees and winks at the two males.

Rouge has Knuckls put them in the missionary position and makes sure Shadow's penis is within easy reach. Knuckles, hard and fast. Shadow, gajillionaire bang me.

Shadow and Knuckles instantly get to rouge and knuckles sex, slamming their huge members into Rouge. The jewel thief moaned loudly as she felt Knuckles fill rouge and knuckles sex completely, and she takes over from Shadow.

The black hedgehog smiles as Rouge really goes to work on his thick shaft. Her soft tongue and right hand provided a nearly irresistible combination of pleasure. Pulling Shadow out of her mouth Rouge screams. Knuckles thrusts his meaty member deep into Rouge's flower as fast as he can, about twice per second.

Rouge matches this pace on Shadow's huge manhood, and both males knyckles Rouge in loud moans. Shadow rouge and knuckles sex Knuckles then climax at the same time. Shadow covers Rouge's face with his seed and grunts with his efforts.

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Knuckles pulls out of Rouge's pulsing flower and covers her large mounds with anr own huge load. Rouge pants and smiles when rouge and knuckles sex hears her name being moaned and she purrs as she gets covered in Srx and Shadow's thick seed.

The two males finish rouge and knuckles sex after 10 seconds and pant while Rouge cleans herself off, greedily swallowing all of the seed she can. It takes a few minutes but Rouge does eventually finish and she stands on her anime girl forced sex after she does.

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Now, time for a new position. Shadow, lay on your back.

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Video game stripping, get on my left. The red echidna and black hedgehog do knucoles commanded and the white bat smiles. I'm surprised you're still single. Rouge rouge and knuckles sex Shadow rouge and knuckles sex inserts his organ into her dripping flower, moaning as she's completely filled once again. Reaching over to Knuckles she teases him hard and begins sucking on his huge appendage once again.

Knuckles moans and starts pinching Rouge and knuckles sex tan-colored nipples, which were an impressive size temptations sex toys how large her breasts were.

Rouge moaned loudly and looked up and Knuckles as she deep throated him, getting all nine inches of his member into her mouth. The white bat speeds up her humping of Shadow and winks at Knuckles while she swirls her tongue all around his thick appendage.

Both Knuckles and Shadow shivered and begged Rouge to speed up.

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Pulling Knuckles' penis out of her mouth Rouge tosses her head back and gasps when Shadow spanks her thick rear rouge and knuckles sex. Oh Shadow, you naughty boy. How did you glory hole sex com your Mistress wanted you to spank her?

The action continues with a renewed energy thanks to the erotic mixture of pheromones in the room.

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Five minutes goes by and Rouge stops her actions. Rouge and knuckles sex, lick my ass hole. Zex and Shadow do as commanded, and Shadow starts things off by rimming Rouge from behind. The jewel thief shivers and then gasps when Knuckles thrusts upward into her shaved womanhood. Fuck that pussy slave! Porn Comicscylia-the-antelopefurrysonic the hedgehog. Porn Comicszerbukiirouge and knuckles sexsonic the hedgehogzeena.

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