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Following the broadcast of Imaishi's previous project, Gurren Lagannthe show's staff went on a trip for rest and relaxation. Panty and stocking game that time, they aired their opinions to each other under drunken and humorous circumstances, saying such things as "Next time, Stockung want to try this" in approaches to animation.

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Almost all of the concepts for the anime was made during the initial trip; the names of main characters, "Panty" and "Stocking", were coined at the very first panty and stocking game. The television series was animated by Gainax and directed by Hiroyuki Imaishi. The series' animation is done in a distinct style resembling and paying panty and stocking game to American cartoons, along with the Yoshinori Kanada techniques normally associated with Hiroyuki Imaishi's work.

The series has many sexual themes in every episode. The theme of the anime is "vulgar and indecent jokes", with Imaishi saying, "If we are going to do this, we will try it play virtual sex game. The series aired nationwide, in Japan, between October 1, and December 24, jessica rabbit gets fucked BS Nittele, a free-to-air satellite service of Nippon Television.

Internationally, the series was made available online on Crunchyroll. Manga Entertainment released the series in the United Kingdom on July 30,[13] although upon release, faults were discovered on some of the episodes.

On November 25,the official Twitter account for Gainax West posted an announcement teaser image featuring silhouettes of Panty and Stocking with the words "Comming [ sic ] Soon".

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