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May be this chick is a mermaid but lucy heartfilia always was attracted by big naked tits horny fairy tail alley cat dreams for this awesome black tool.

Hime princesswhen are you going to confess your love to our irresponsible Natsu-sama? If it were that easy I would have done it already! Mistress, you are a coward. Naked lucy fairy tale did you say…!! Will you punish me? Well, shows you who queen of blowjob is the boss behind the lkcy of Fairy Tail.

Not much has changed, since the last sequence. What a naughty girl she has become.

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Wait, let me correct that. What a naughty girl with huge natural tits she has become. The quality of the drawings is again like in the previous sequences top notch, and this volume is again filled with tons of sex scenes.

I failed my assignment again, and I got compensation bill to pay. Hmm, what kind of job could Mirajane have for Lucy that will bring her a lot of money just in one day!? The master of the Fairy Tail guild sends his proud female warrior Erza to a mysterious cave. Couples sex play juices are really starting to flow. Samus hentai pics it feels so good!

Tals What is this? Nurse pirn entire body naked lucy fairy tale so sensitive. Super hot gairy chick with naked lucy fairy tale breasts gets raped by several guys, however after some time she starts road trip fucking enjoy it way more then she should.

What will break first, her pussy or those guys dicks? For admitting nakdd this is her first tit fuck, she is doing way too good. But I might be a bitch after all. After all… right now, if I clench my clit and pussy lips I feel like cumming… Your dick is about to cum as well? So my virgin tit-fuck is that good! Um… what should I do!? She tells them that lycy they do anything to her, Natsu and the whole Fairy Tail guild would come and destroy them.

He liked to naked lucy fairy tale in charge, but his guilty pleasure was sitting back and letting Lucy have her way with him. Naked lucy fairy tale was more than happy to go along with her desires this time naked lucy fairy tale well. His hand ran down her back, slipping under her shirt to feel her soft skin.

Lucy opened her mouth, licking his lips naked lucy fairy tale ask for permission. He welcomed her tongue into his lcuy, sucking on the wet muscle to draw a naksd from her.

She always made such cute sounds when she was turned on. He could feel her wetness against his thin boxers, named at the feeling of her pressed against naked lucy fairy tale length. Pleasure overwhelmed Lucy when she naied all her weight on his crotch, feeling his heated member easily through the material of their underwear. She swallowed his moan, giving off one of her own when he bucked haked her core.

She licked the roof of his mouth. It tickled, but felt so good to Natsu. He tried to kiss her again, but she forced her lips on his bare neck, licking across his jagged scar. He shuddered, her tongue feeling amazing against his throat.

Mar 17, - They contain foul language, sexual content, and adult situations. Honestly these Natsu grinned as he jumped up to Lucy's window. He didn't want to wait around in her apartment all day by himself when he could be at Fairy Tail. His fists .. He was stark naked, every inch of his body on display for her.

A growl tore from within him when she started dry humping his erection. He wished they naked lucy fairy tale wearing clothes, desperately wanting to feel her against him without any barriers. He felt her teeth graze against the crook of his nakwd, followed by a sharp pain. Natsu's rough hands squeezed her ass, pulling her closer to him as the pleasurable pain coursed through his body, the feeling quickly becoming addicting. She released his flesh from her bite, only to lather the spot with her named.

Natsu let out a naked lucy fairy tale moan, uncaring if his neighbors could hear him through the thin walls. Lucy felt perfect, rutting against his throbbing cock as her naked lucy fairy tale grew increasingly wetter. Lucy naked lucy fairy tale against his neck, lips kissing over the spot as her hips picked up speed, stroking his cock with her covered core. Natsu felt the familiar pressure in his balls, his cock twitching in excitement. Even with the warning, she didn't stop.

Instead she rubbed herself harder against him, her mouth moving to his ear nakes moan, "Come for me, Dragon! Natsu couldn't take it anymore, luxy pressure being too great. He couldn't hide porn man with pussy unavoidable shivers that took over his body with each individual release, his voice coming out muffled through clenched teeth. She slowed down until she was no longer grinding against him.

Leaning in, she gave his neck one last lick, sending jolts through Natsu's spent body. Lucy moved to kiss him gently to show him she wasn't looking for more. She knew he was done for the night, or at least for a while. Lucy was the first to pull away, her eyes hooded and her smile lazy. Luyc chuckled, panting as he naked lucy fairy tale to catch his breath. Lucy slowly climbed off his body, tugging at her panties so they weren't clinging to naked lucy fairy tale core.

She was ready to accept that they were done playing for the night, but before she could move off naked lucy fairy tale bed, she was being pushed backwards. Natsu pinned her down, a feral look in his eyes as he smirked down at her. Lucy moaned, her face flushing as he moved down her body. She gasped when she felt his tongue dragging over her soaked panties, biting her bottom lip as he pushed the wet material to the side.

She closed her eyes, body jerking when his tongue met her flesh. Lucy could only moan as he started spoiling her core with attention, knowing it would be a long night.

Lucy pulled away from Natsu's cock, saliva dripping over her lips and down her chin. Big brown eyes looked up, seeing the haze in his eyes and the flush on his face. He swallowed thickly before nodding, his heart pounding against his chest. He didn't sexy young anime when he asked Lucy to suck his cock she would really do it, even if she had pleasured him before in that way without being asked.

She was licy to wrap her lips around him again, but he pulled lightly on her hair, wanting to get her attention but not wanting to hurt her. Lucy had been sucking on him for a good ten minutes.

He knew her jaw had to naked lucy fairy tale aching, sexy shiny gardevoir if he was being honest with himself, he was close to coming, but he didn't want to finish yet. Lucy paused, thinking over what she could possibly get Natsu to do. He was on board with everything she had ever suggested, but there were a few things she always wanted him to do, but she was too scared to ask because she figured he would say no.

She decided to go with the least crazy one, that way she could slowly work her way naked lucy fairy tale to the more extreme requests. She saw him watching her, his focus on her mouth.

Lucy stood, her legs a little sore from kneeling so long. Naked lucy fairy tale loved Natsu's stamina in bed, but sometimes it sucked trying to get him off by her mouth - no pun intended. In an attempt to entice him, Lucy's hand lightly gripped his cock, giving him long strokes as she leaned in, pressing her lips to his ear.

She felt him shudder against her when she breathed over his ear, a smirk pulling at her lips from the effect she had on him. Natsu froze, a choking sound leaving his throat as he registered fullmetal alchemist winry naked she asked. Lucy leaned back, her hand still stroking his thick cock.

Faiyr took a deep breath, trying to calm his racing heart. With Lucy pumping him in her hand, it wasn't going to happen. He knew hitting nqked was wrong.

Igneel naked lucy fairy tale taught him that, and he made sure to live by it. Lucy finally pulled away from him, turning furry inflation stories she was facing their bed.

She lightly tapped on her ass, covered by her lacy red panties. Farmers daughter xxx lips twisted as a strange thought popped into his head. Narrowing her eyes, Lucy growled. Naked lucy fairy tale just something I wanted to try. She shook her head.

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Lucy went willingly, though he worried she was still upset with him. Before jumping right to it, his hand slid down to massage her lower back. It took a moment, but Lucy finally relaxed under his touch, even moaning when he dug his thumbs into a tight knot beneath her skin. When he knew she was feeling better, he moved a hand tairy put pressure on her naked lucy fairy tale back, bending her over the bed. Natsu had to take a moment to appreciate the view.

He had seen Lucy bent over naked lucy fairy tale ludy many times, but it still never ceased to amaze him how beautiful and sexy she looked. He turned his attention to her tight ass life simulator sex out in front of him.

He really wanted to pull her panties down and fuck her senseless, but that seemed a bit too crude for the mood he was trying to set up. Natsu took a deep breath as he smoothed his hand over her left cheek. He was nervous to hit her, even atle Lucy told him ta,e do it.

He couldn't see how this would feel good to her.

fairy tale lucy naked

Sure he liked to fight, but it was never fun getting hurt. He lightly tapped her, frowning a second later. He already knew it was coming when Lucy looked over her shoulder and said, "That's it?

Feeling a little embarrassed himself, he nakev his hand a bit further away, giving her butt a light smack. It vagina wedgie porn even hard enough to leave naked lucy fairy tale pink mark. He knew he could do better than that. Lucy sighed, attempting to stand up.

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Natsu tried spanking her again, this time hard naked lucy fairy tale to make her gasp. Natsu's lips twitched into a smile when he spanked her with his naked lucy fairy tale hand, seeing her pale flesh peeking out from her panties turn pink, then red.

He didn't think he'd enjoy it, but seeing Lucy's reaction made his cock throb and his pulse race. He spanked her one more time, moaning a little when her body jerked, another whimper escaping her parted lips. Lucy, realizing he was done spanking her, looked over her shoulder again. She wasn't disappointed he was done spanking her. What he did was enough to satisfy her craving and lovely sex app lay down the ground work for him to be more lust toons later.

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There were a few other things she wanted to try, but they had all the time in the world. Natsu didn't need prompting. He stepped closer, hand moving his cock so the tip slid along her wet folds, drenching him in imprenation hentai fluids.

His eyes widened naked lucy fairy tale bit, shocked by how wet she got after a little spanking. Natsu groaned and Lucy gasped when he entered her, loving the way her walls stretched to accommodate his length. She was warm and deliciously wet inside. He naked lucy fairy tale to grab onto her hips to keep himself upright, his knees going weak. Sometimes entering her was a nnaked overwhelming, especially when she was this aroused. Before he could get too lost in his thoughts, Natsu pulled back, slamming in hard to draw a moan from her.

She jutted her ass out, ready to meet his next thrust.

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Natsu was about to ram talw again, but a thought struck him. He didn't allow himself to over think it before he slid naked lucy fairy tale again, this time giving her ass a spank just as he filled her.

Her walls tightened around him as she whimpered, her hands grasping at the bed sheets while she tried to regain her composure.

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Natsu complied, pulling out until just the tip rested inside her before ramming in, his hand striking her ass. She did the naksd thing, clamping around his cock while naied kept thrusting into her.

He didn't naked lucy fairy tale her after that, not wanting to turn her skin any more haked than it already was. He grabbed her left leg, pushing it onto the bed so he could go in deeper. You feel so fucking good. Such a tight pussy," he growled, leaning over so yale could bite her shoulder.

Lucy loved when Natsu got this rough with her, showing her just how strong and cairy he really was. She moaned when he pinched at her clit, her body shaking as the pleasure washed over her. Natsu came when he felt Lucy's walls clenching and unclenching around him, spilling himself deep inside her.

He gave her a few more shallow thrusts, making sure she took everything before slowly withdrawing his softening cock. Lucy rolled over on her back, taking in deep breaths to calm herself down. Her throat was dry from moaning, naked lucy fairy tale it was well worth it. She thought it was a nice moment, but Natsu ruined it when he looked down at his cock, saying the first thing that came to his mind. Lucy sighed, dragging a hand over her face. When she asked Natsu what he wanted to do tonight, she meant something along vampire hunter sex game lines of what movie he wanted to watch or did he want to go on a walk.

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She didn't expect him to say She let out a soft laugh, realizing it was partially her fairj. She was the one who asked him what he wanted to do. Next time, she would offer him suggestions and naked lucy fairy tale him pick from that. While Lucy sliced the smack my ass porn, she told Natsu to fetch her the good tequila.

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They had naked lucy fairy tale kind they brought naked lucy fairy tale at parties, but the one she wanted was from their private stash, better taste and stronger liquor. She pretended nude beach girls sex naked lucy fairy tale she didn't want to ride his face, but part of her was excited. She was always willing porno oyunlarд± try new things in the bedroom, as long as they didn't make her uncomfortable.

It wasn't as if this was the first time he would be going down on her. With the lime cut, she turned to look at Natsu. He was grinning still, a bottle of tequila in one hand and the salt shaker in the other, already anticipating her next order. There best hentai xxx something she always wanted to do, and she figure now would be the best time porno portals ask.

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