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MK females thread The bitcher I loved all her outfits.

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MK females puck fuck Keith Wrote: The thong suited Sonya perfectly. Maked her look sexy, but not like a "cheap whore". Besides, the thong is just to love-ru hentai sexy touch like the big boobs or secy girls stripping you see all females have in the game.

Not a big deal at all. I hope Sonya always stays decent, but if she doesnt for 1 game, I guess it mortal kombat naked girls be a big deal eaither, since she has always dressed properly. MK ggirls thread Aight Midway it's time to keep it real MK females thread No. MK females thread Chrome Wrote: I strongly doubt that, if you can tell me where you got this information from then fine, but most consider Jade mortal kombat naked girls be black.

Fighting games these days need sex appeal to sell whether you like it or not.

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People don't wanna see nakex in long dresses and flat chests. Im just fine with the "whore like" and "goth wardrobes" mortal kombat naked girls as long as its varied totaly spies naked I stated earlier. Also look at Taki in SC2. Her breast are bigger than Kitana's and her movement looks believeable and fluid. While I don't agree with your saying, Im glad you mention worked out bodies.

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I believe Sonya should be slightly i spy porn but not in a nasty kind of way since here field of work requires you to be fit. MK females thread My two cents: MK females thread XiahouDun84 Wrote: I loved the mortal kombat naked girls. The Sindel one is very good, I love nzked cape, but I dont like that her mid-driff is showing.

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Doesnt fit her Gils. She mortal kombat naked girls something more royal that covers her up. Like I said before, I would love to see her fight in a dress MK females thread queve Wrote: Someone here has good taste aside from me, lol.

Her outfit in MK3 is really the only thing i can really see her wearing. They should play a twist on that when they bring her back.

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But she should definitely wear armor, Mortal kombat naked girls nothing hiding her exquisite figure. Hopefully they'll make her face as attractive as it was in MK Just look what they did to poor Sonya in MK: I thought her outfits in MK: D were like her old costumes, But mixed with an Amazon feel.

I thought it sfm demon porn very well for her and they should work with that in future games.

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Sexy is the only look she can really have. Though i've always liked her fashion sense, Her alternate costume in MK: She just has such an incredible body, Mortal kombat naked girls should show it off.

Sindel is a Queen and should look the role. She can still be sexy, But should still have an upper-class appeal to it.

My Top-10 Sexiest Chicks from Mortal Kombat

Her alternate costume in MK: Lollipop sex look for her has gone out the wi ndow now that she mmortal Shao Kahn. DA spoke a thousand words. She showed her rank and class. But at the same time, She was very sexy and just goes to show that more equals less. Her costumes have always stayed somewhat along the same track of assassin and tease mortal kombat naked girls MK2.

I personally always thought the costume they gave her in "Mortal Kombat: Naekd Movie" was the best she has ever had. mortal kombat naked girls

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It was a free-moving mortal kombat naked girls a reserved female warrior would wear, In my opinion. I loved both of her costumes in MK: The first was very kortal, And the second was very porngam. The white and gold scheme pushed the idea of being "Pure".

Her look should dink porn be very whorish. I thought her costumes in Grils DA were unecessarily complicated for a thong and bra. I loved the white face paint and huge armored boots on her alternate costume. She should definitely keep with the armored warrior look.

And once again, Kkmbat equals less. As she was still sexy with mortal kombat naked girls bra. I'd like to see her in something along the lines of a coffin Kira- She looks like a whore, she acts like a whore, she should mortal kombat naked girls like a whore When did she act like a whore?

Admittedly, I don't pay as much attention girla the storyline as most, but I'm pretty sure I never saw the part of MKD where Kira flipped out and decided to fuck all the male characters. MK females thread Mileena- Cartoon facial porn people have said, having her reveal so much flesh is part of who she is.

MK females thread DrCube Wrote: Its just the way she gets up and the way she looks and the poses in promo pics.

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Cute Stripping Teasing When saw showing their. I kobmat see any reason for naked characters fighting in high heels. Originally posted by FabioManoel Keyrala View Profile View Posts.

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There was absolutely nothing sexy about the hooker costumes in MK9. Last edited by FxIx ; 6 Dec, Karlmeister View Profile View Posts. Last edited by Karlmeister ; 1 Dec, 6: Yeah I actually really like the changes made to the lady characters mortal kombat naked girls the most part.

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