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Moron 1 He does a lot of music beat based porn. He's actually really good.

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Steel Rod minus 8 cartoon Made for morons-like the first guy. I've been on this site since I was And the games have definitely not gotten better. True Hyper Sonic I thought it was mouse-based controls. I've tried refreshing the page, but it's still changing randomly. Ganguro girl full needed here, please!

The Kid Are you minus 8 cartoon of yourself? BlazBlue Litchi Sex Session. Holio U Wonder Woman. I think you all got the wrong idea. He might be deleting his tumblr to cover his tracks. If he's constantly changing locations, it's cartooon for them arseholes over there to find his porn.

I think his emotional posts are a running joke. Thanks for coming back: Any chance of separate versions with each character? Would also love it if we could separate them out! It looks great, but I'm curious.

What's minus 8 cartoon the shading in the BJ scene? Is minus 8 cartoon gonna be more XD? Sorry I cockroach pussy of had the bitrate a little minus 8 cartoon high so the filesize is kinda big.

Here mminus is on PH: Any one has this file https: Soundclip used in the flash: I can't find anything relevant when I try to look it up. Love your work by the way, you are incredibly talented.

All yall newfags making requests don't know the first thing about cartpon. I don't think he takes request and never will. He does what he wants so let's be happy with his work ok ppl?

Yume Nikki would be perfect for a short loop. Yo -8, you know that Shantae: Half-Genie Hero just released yesterday, righto? If you're not one of those to do fanart of the game they've not played Just tellin' tho, i know you don't take requests. These are just ideas, though.

8 cartoon minus

But Minus8's style is way more flexible and accurate. How do you feel minue Bomberman? The release of Shantae: Half-Genie Hero adult sex doll porn possibly make him do more projects minus 8 cartoon Shantae, since the game is in a HD quality.

If minus8 is reading this, i hope you give daisy minus 8 cartoon full-length flash treatment you gave to peach and celestia equestria girl with "1-up. I've tried so hard to edit your files but i minue seem to crack them like the other have, so i'm just left to use my imagination.

She's really a unique character and i'm certain your creative genius can do her justice vartoon anything we've seen before: Suggesting is to recommend the person to do it. You think you are being solution to a problem when you are being a big of it. Doesn't matter whether he said it before, you are answering minus 8 cartoon him. Keep it to yourself.

cartoon minus 8

Like said many times, learn to ignore. Also minus8 went with a minus 8 cartoon penis this time XD. Hope that's not why I think it is Either way it's mminus really good animation. I'm minus 8 cartoon hard as fuck. They've started shitting up the thread again and cry whenever someone tells them to fuck off.

8 cartoon minus

She just released that alongside a tittyfuck animation of her cartoon avatar. She did the Shygal edits of Koopa girl anim and the multiple sex pose animation. I think as long as she doesn't say it's pokemon snap play online work and minus 8 cartoon credit minus 8 cartoon minus8 i think it's ok DDD Happy new year -8!!!

Hope is a good year for you. Honestly, if I were to be asked a favorite, I wouldn't know what to choose. Or if you made it can you upload a file of it? Yeah I love the music. Seems like minus8 made him a female one. Bulgeless edit of that one Marceline flash he did a while ago. Also removed naval bc couldn't make it stop spazzing.

cartoon minus 8

Tried what I could, enjoy I guess. Cartooon is a secondary character cargoon that just shows free real sex movies now and then. Got a character minus 8 cartoon might be interested in, Saw this and thought "Well, if minus8 was going to sexualise the new Nintendo console He's put up several gifs on his tumblr.

Does he host his original flashes anywhere, or do we have to wait until he comes back? I porn good sex it's because of the hate that ppl are saying to him but It's the joke going around, that the new Switch JoyCon Grip looks like minus 8 cartoon puppy dog's face.

Spamming the same message on tumblr roughly times in a row with no context or given reason. I love minus 8 cartoon kind of stuff you make as well as the flashes you do. The charm behind your art is easily distinguishable and unique. But fuck you need to learn how to be an adult instead of throwing child tantrums minks the time.

It's still stupid, but there is context. I like minus 8 cartoon he was literally going to delete his account over this, couldnt because he forgot his password, demanded raven sex video to report him or he'll spam every day, had the problem solved, and is now slightly upset because someone minus 8 cartoon report him and he didnt want to anymore.

How does minus8 even fucking function as a living being with that kind of unstable nature. If you gave him a gun and there was a problem his first reaction would probably minus 8 cartoon to just instantly kill the source of the problem because its the fastest. I don't know what will happen next.

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I hope he calms down. It's minus 8 cartoon to see this keep happening. How do his haters keep finding him? All I can see is orange Everything works fine fine except one of the guys leg twitching back and forth. I cant even remember how many times he deleted his tumblr and created a new one over and over again.

Every god damn time something is not going the way he wants he throws a fit. Minus8 got super upset when a person told him to draw his OC in a different way. ANd since Minus8 cant handle any sort of criticism he threw a fit. You can see it all the time 69 sex fuck his tumblr, people try to give him some sort of advice or anything and minus 8 cartoon takes it as a assult on him.

8 cartoon minus

We're just disappointed that he's a grown ass man who mnus incapable of not throwing childish tantrums at minus 8 cartoon drop cartion a hat. When he's porn real life sabotaging his tumblr over dumb bullshit, it makes it hard to follow his work. I would suck Minus 8 cartoon dick in reality if I could. I find his personality cute.

Fuck him with a rusty rake, goddamn fucking entitled spergs, this is why we can't have nice things. Is there something I'm not getting?

Minus8 Gifs - beyondnews.info

There is literally nothing "entitled" about calling out someone for acting like a baby. The dude threw a fit and posted the same message times. Let that sink in, he went through the effort to post the same message times instead of talking about it, spammed the same message hot lesbian girl fuck 10 times to get people to delete his tumblr for him because hes too retarded to remember his own password or minus 8 cartoon his browser to save it for him, and then minus 8 cartoon HTDmason actually apologized in his stream and didn't mean to upset him, minus8 got a little upset because he did get reported and didn't want to since adult games online for mobile wasn't a problem anymore.

Minus8 is a spastic hentai girl tortured that flips his shit as soon as something doesn't go his way. Hes emotionally unstable and pretty much an adult minus 8 cartoon child who cant handle the real world. Its surprising to me that he actually has a minus 8 cartoon in animation without breaking down and getting fired for his poor attitude. Then again he might treat his professional life a little differently, who knows, I'm not one to say.

I'm not minus 8 cartoon he has to conform to my rules of mannerisms but I'll be damned if you can prove that he isnt exactly what we just called him out on.

You try to paint minus8 as this perfect being simply because hes pretty decent at flash animation in a way thats appealing when really, even minus 8 cartoon his art, animations, and concepts are good, his attitude is literally the opposite.

Its funny that you guys are actually white knighting minus8 when he has publicly and explicitly stated that he doesn't give a shit about his fans.

8 cartoon minus

I dont care what minus 8 cartoon on tumblr Good free porn apps just want to minus 8 cartoon the fucking art streams in peace and yet children like yourself and others in this thread take it upon themselves to turn every minus 8 cartoon sleight into some kind of justice movement like a bunch of fat lesbians.

Also its kind of funny that tumblr is your only argument here. I fail to see how using tumblr shows dependency on social media when literally anyone can use any social media platform for any amount of period but i suppose if you're a brain dead retarded sheep who follows the herd and cant develop your own opinion you'll just choose to follow what others say about tumblr or any other site for that matter.

Yeah its shit but its also a good platform for keeping up on artists as well as posting creations in a manner not found elsewhere.

Minus8 Collection

This literally isnt even the first time drama free cum in me his tumblr has been brought up here and only now are you throwing a fit about it. You cannot rebut how fucking upset you are no minus 8 cartoon how many words you shit out. This is miinus thread made by minus8, for minus8, about minus8, and if you cant handle the shit that comes with the good then fuck right off. Its going to happen, as its happened before. You tell others to ignore it yet you yourselves xartoon not do the minus 8 cartoon.

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I use it all the time to follow art, but thats it. I dont throw vartoon fucking hissy minus 8 cartoon when someone isn't catering directly to my specific interests batman hentai porn not posting anything else.

I just want you to see what a fucking idiot you look like when you expect other people to agree with you. If you bother to translate the shit he says in his streams, minus 8 cartoon likes minus 8 cartoon clear his tumblr and start anew. Like deleting browser history. The spam and "tantrums" are just a running joke. I hope Just go with the flow, ignore the spam, enjoy the art, and stop acting like you're on reality tv. Minus8 needs to grow up thats all. Shut the fuck up. No one cares minhs he's throwing a fit.

No one cares if his personality doesn't officer juggs nightmare you. No one cares if he's making drama. Just walk the fuck away if you fags can't handle it. We just want content.

8 cartoon minus

Your complaints are irrelevant to the thread. With that said, time to get a mod to clear up again this stupid shit. Holy shit, you guys.

Take it easy, alright? The guy is a genius animator. Why don't you just shut the fuck up and enjoy the free, unique orgasms he provides to you? Future generations, our children, our grandchildren will fap to his unique art, while we and our bullshit "online discussion" will be lost forever minjs the sands of time.

So just shut the fuck up and be grateful. I fucking love minus8 but i hate his stupid cultist fanbase. You should all minus 8 cartoon sucking his dick and get a funny sex animation job.

A would actually much rather see minus8 visit a minus 8 cartoon, psychologist, or a an anger management counselor before another illustration. Honestly it's kind of disgusting how blatantly obvious it is as to how much you care for the artist's work, over the well-being of the artist themself. You're one cartokn those stirring needless drama here. Also, get your shit straight. There way higher minus 8 cartoon of people killing themselves when they are going shit and people like you minus 8 cartoon trying to lecture them about how life works, what they should or shouldn't do.

This is a place for leisure.

8 cartoon minus

Not for you and your other faggots to force your ideals on to people. It's disgusting how you want to force people to kaithrit scout same way you are.

Not even worth the time if all you can do is sputter insults blindly towards everyone who disagrees with you. Minus 8 cartoon anyone is the subhuman here its probably you. You're upsetting papa -8!

Sometimes it can be lessened minus 8 cartoon the applause of their fans. But if that doesn't work, they absolutely should seek help. Perhaps even from their fans and online friends. mminus

8 cartoon minus

I've seen too many artists suddenly disappear because they chose to bear cartpon burdens on their own, rather than disclose them nipple play porn someone. It never ends well. One of my favorite artists, who went minus 8 cartoon the handle Drawbro, left several messages vaguely describing familial trouble before suddenly vanishing.

8 cartoon minus

That was 4 years ago. If his idea of a running joke is to spam stupid shit, someone needs to start sex with pizza man him his sense of humor fucking sucks. There's no possible justification for that stupidity. Minus 8 cartoon last I checked, this was a thread dedicated to posting and discussing Minus8's work, not sucking his dick.

When he starts producing more shitposts than art, we're minus 8 cartoon start discussing shitposts. Tell Minus8 to stop shitposting. And as a reminder, we do have poster IDs here.

cartoon minus 8

We can tell when it is and isn't a samefag. The only thing that cartono disliked about this flash was the ending ,the sound coming from the right, when it should be from the left side.

Its a minor thing. I would find this flash awesome. The music minus 8 cartoon good, the animation is awesome, the movements are awesome I'm minus 8 cartoon sure there's a plenty of references in jennifer nexus animation.

cartoon minus 8

Can someone point them out? The cratoon actually creeped me out. I say this as someone who has been on the sex poking minus 8 cartoon at least 20 years. Your words are such solution. You know, actually, you're autistic, aren't you?

8 cartoon minus

There's cartoonn wrong caartoon that, but you definitely are. That's why I won't bully you by giving cxrtoon an answer on level. I love this thread because every post is: The first song is horsey by macross https: Anyone else know the couple I don't get? I don't give a fuck bout what he chooses to do or say. It's his choice, in this almost free world. We don't need lectures on your shitty principles filling the thread.

I dont fap to his personality. I do to his animations. Hentai date not because I disagree minus 8 cartoon your peanut brained self that it means I'm defending something. Time to bother a mod again, since none came yet.

I don't get minus 8 cartoon. None ccartoon the text posts here accomplish that lofty goal. Why are your shitposts okay, but ours aren't? Thanks for the stale, unoriginal attempts at insults though. Very of you. Glass breaks from the floor above you, you look up and see a ghost. Probably the most Iconic moment of minus 8 cartoon game. Okay, which one of you autistic minus 8 cartoon is "Itllbeokayijustneedtokeeptrying" on tumblr?

Who is this guy who keeps pushing his ideals in this thread?

cartoon minus 8

If someone is behaving minus 8 cartoon a way you don't ninus you can distance yourself from them. The only reason any of us give a fuck about -8 is because of minus 8 cartoon dreams of desire ep 4, not because of who he is as a person.

He's a good artist, his personality is irrelevant. I don't care about the personality of a pizza delivery driver I minuss care about the service they provide. Likewise I only care about -8's mknus. What kind of stalker tries to follow someone around and change their behaviour? What is it accomplishing other than flooding with the same crap?

The answers are respectively no and nothing. It just makes you a whiny bitch. We don't want this thread to reach the limit minus 8 cartoon your whining about his fits.

cartoon minus 8

Once again, stfu and keep your opinion to yourself. Cwrtoon useful imnus the thread. I'll minus 8 cartoon do my part and make this my last post. I kinda like the ghost girl in purple sweater what is porn pov swf boooooooo very much.

She's actually really cute. Anyone have the fla. Can anyone but these short loops into one? I have to minus 8 cartoon open to many windows to fap: I'd sacrifice 20 simple straightforward loops for 1 complex multiple-loop flash with audio.

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Minus 8 cartoon latest ones are pretty good, but I wish they were merged into one file. A few members were talking about different types of art and animation. Eventually they started sharing their animations. One shared his running cycle, and another shared his stick figure animation.

Minus didn't seem upset and was actually making jokes with them. It was after Outta Sync posted his animation that Minus got upset. Started saying minus 8 cartoon like "I don't think I'm a good guy.

Then he just ended the stream. Outta Sync seemed completely confused. The chat had to reassure him that he didn't do anything wrong and that this was a minus 8 cartoon occurrence. After that they tried to get Cheeeeez to talk to Minus yoko anal we decided that it would probably be best to just let him cool down before anyone can talk to him. Minus 8 cartoon think that's pretty much it. He should like probably take some meds or something, yeah?

What's the healthcare policy like in Korea? Dear Anon, Regardless of whoever you think draws better than you, people love your art for it's unique charm and style. And I think those amount to something much more inspiring. Dear -8, Regardless of whoever you think draws better than you, people love your art for it's minus 8 cartoon charm and style.


PT especially, I think of often, cartoon I have high hopes for Death Stranding and wish Kojima luck. Anyways, I wonder what else the flash is referencing then.

8 cartoon minus

The hanged man feels like it should be something, although Minus 8 cartoon not sure what. Either way I still like it a lot! The hand holding along with the dance is a nice touch. Wants to be considered the best and constantly praised as better than others. Hes even explicitly stated that in one of cartoon rape sex video previous blogs. Doesn't surprise me that he would throw a fit live on stream about someone being better than him.

Which is some of his finest work and minus 8 cartoon of the finest flash porn on the internet at large.

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