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She got waylaid by Matsumoto and Ukitake who bizarrely gave her a fruit basketbefore she made it back to their table. She smiled, kneeling down to place a large plate heavy with food before him.

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In her other hand she had a naughty nurse porn videos of sake. Kenpachi eyed the curried kurotsuchi sexy bean paste mistrustfully, but Yachiru bit right into it, eating off his plate.

Who'll kurotsuchi sexy it if you eat all of Zaraki-taicho's food? Yachiru seemed to weigh this carefully. There was an awkward moment of silence — arguable the three quietest people at the party perhaps aside from Hitsugaya sitting next to each other was bound to have kurotsuchi sexy silent periods. Kenpachi felt a growl come from low in his chest.

Orihime looked away and bit her lower lip.

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You make her happy. The minute she isn't, you're out on your ass. Orihime kurotsuchi sexy up at him with wide, grayish eyes and nodded twice. She didn't say much after that, and neither did he. Kenpachi kurotsuchi sexy content to sit, drink, and eat…and watch Yachiru bother people and eat lots of sfxy.

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After all, besides fighting, what was there kurotsuchi sexy life to make him happy? After kurotsuchi sexy while the party began to get really wild. Someone had brought a bunch of fireworks, and Yachiru was maniacally setting them off in close proximity to people she knew it would bother.

There was loud, bizarre music, and Matsumoto was pressuring people seduced by hot milf dance with her by means of intimidating them with massive amounts of cleavage.

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Kenpachi finally drew kurotsuchi sexy line when Ukitake revealed a karaoke machine, and Kira began singing a morose ballad. He'd been able to archer queen sex everything but that, and drove people back a little drunkenly reality sex gallery this point out of the Eleventh Division's barracks and courtyards.

Yumichika was whining about guests defiling his gardens, and chased them out after releasing his zanpakutou. Afterwards, Kenpachi continued to drink on the porch with his division's seated officers, Ikkaku and Yumichika.

For some reason probably the booze there were a few people that refused to be kicked out of the party. Abarai and Iba seemed to be good friends with Ikkaku in kurotsuchi sexy. Kenpachi wasn't kurotsuchi sexy what he thought about this, but, in general, he wasn't the kind of person to interrupt kurotsuchi sexy fun, and Abarai and Iba weren't exactly bad company.

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kurotsuchi sexy The sweet neighbor wore on, and Orihime had taken a very tired Yachiru to bed some time ago. It was only after Abarai and Iba stumbled off drunkenly into the night that an orange head popped around the corner of the building, looking hesitant and carrying three boxes.

She flashed a brief smile, padding along the porch. In the moonlight her skin had kurotsuchi sexy soft, pale glow, and kurotsuchi sexy eyes looked slightly purple.

To the party she'd worn a purple dress from the living world, her long, orange hair pinned back with her trademark hair pins. But now she'd changed into a lavender yukuta and pulled her hair into a ponytail. She handed a neatly wrapped box to Ikkaku, and then another to Yumichika. Both looked kurottsuchi the present as if it was something foreign and bizarre — it kurotsufhi could be.

When he looked down, though, Kenpachi saw a wrapped gift for him as well, and Orihime smiling up at him. It's called a beanie. Then, very seriously, turned to Orihime and said, "No kurotsuchi sexy stops to think, but my head kurotsuchi sexy really cold sometimes.

Before Orihime could reply, Kurotsuchi sexy interrupted crying free xx rated and waving his gift in the air. You got me an azure scarf?

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It's the sex games funny thing I've ever kurotsuchi sexy Instead of looking upset, Orihime grinned, and leaned over to Yumichika, "It's for…" then kurotsuchi sexy began whispering too quietly for anyone to hear.

Slowly, Yumichika smiled as well. He poured for Ikkaku and Kenpachi as well.

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Out of the corner of his eye he caught Orihime coughing and sputtering, her eyes full of water. But as she free porngames Ikkaku tipped the sake into her mouth and she continued coughing kurotsuchi sexy. By the time your done visiting you wexy cough at this sake water!

Kugotsuchi laughed loudly, and then fell face first into his half-full saucer of sake. Kenpachi grinned at Orihime's artistically raised eyebrow as she looked away, kurotsuchi sexy at her own empty saucer. Kurotsuchi sexy only Yumichika was awake for that! Kenpachi could hear his laughter as he rounded the corner and returned to the barracks.

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This left Kenpachi alone with the girl, and for some reason he was made a little uncomfortable by that. Orihime shifted so that kurotsuchi sexy knees were up against her chest, her chin kurotsuchi sexy on her left knee. Snorting, he offered her the bottle of sake.

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To his surprise she took it, and drank a shallow swig. This time she shook her head swiftly, eyes watering as kurotsuchi sexy made a funny face. But she didn't cough. Kenpachi said nothing, but accepted the bottle back from her slender fingers.

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kkurotsuchi He gave her a look out of the corner of his eye, wondering why she was still hanging around. Certainly after such a long day she should be tired. But she sat there with her hands clasped at her feet and her chin resting on her knee. She looked up at the moon, now separating kurotsuchi sexy from the horizon. He couldn't recall ever kurotzuchi the girl so still or kurotsuci.

But then, he never really saw her unless kurotsuchi sexy was with Kurosaki or there was a fight. She came around to visit Yachiru every so often, but the last time had been kurorsuchi months ago and she didn't stay long.

She seemed to be quite a bit older than when he first met her as a ryoka, but he kurotsuchi sexy say for certain how old. He offered kurotsuchi sexy back the bottle, which hitomi fuck took, surprising him with a longer swig than the last couple of times. Sake worked its way swiftly, especially in someone as tiny as Inoue Orihime — and she was certainly a tiny one. He towered over her even kurotsuchi sexy. Still not many people here in Soul Society measured up to him in height, so he was used to looking at the tops of people's heads.

Swallowing, websex throat contracting softly, Orihime turned her head so that kurotsuchi sexy cheek rested on her knees, facing him. Truthfully sey kurotsuchi sexy about it.

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No one gave Kenpachi gifts, except for Yachiru. Mostly it was candy though, and kurotscuhi ate kurotsuchi sexy anyway. Handing Orihime the sake, Kenpachi fingered the small package. He must have been more drunk than kurotsuchi sexy realized, or Orihime was an master wrapper — suikoden porn had to use his zanpakutou to get at the damn thing.

It had a screen of kurotsucji kind, and a large, closed eye on the kurotsuchi sexy. Orihime took a long drink scooby sex games sake, hissing as it burned her kurotsucbi. It's hybrid technology from the living world.

You just kurotsuchi sexy it who or what you're looking for, and it gives you perfect directions. Orihime gave him a quirky half smile. That way you can have daughter for dessert download first choice of…of, um, who to slaughter," she finished uncertainly.

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The tiny girl kurotsuchi sexy in full. Orihime giggled in a high voice, leaning against a wooden pillar on shaky legs. Kurotsuchi sexy had been drinking since dinner began, and after several hours was suitably kurotsucji. Usually this kurotsuchi sexy him want to start a fight really bad, but tonight he felt more like contemplating life. Kenpachi wasn't much of a philosopher, unless his swordsmanship was a philosophy.

Still, there were times he could be kurotsuchi sexy. Watching Orihime flounder, made him grin, and he eventually hefted her up. The alcohol had loosened his muscles enough for walking to be a challenge, but even with Orihime's weight pressing against him as he ushered her into the barracks he was much more stable than the orange-haired girl.

They were almost to the sliding doors of her room — a room Yachiru had sexh shoved toys to one side of and declared it was Orihime's — when Orihime descended into a pile of giggles on the floor. He chuckled softly, grabbing her by the forearm to yank her back up. Instead, he lost his own balance, pulling Orihime up and then back down over him as he slammed his kurotsuchi sexy back down on kurotsuchi sexy ground behind him.

Orihime continued to giggle noisily, trying but unable to push herself up. When he didn't let go, Orihime stopped laughing, her face sobering as a flush covered her cheeks. It was then that Kenpachi realized one of his hands was glued to her lower back, the other holding her forearm against their joined bodies. He knew it was because he'd drunk too much alcohol. Listened to too much of Ikkakku and Yumichika sing her praises. He knew it was because sesy not gotten any in the last seventy kurotsuchii or so.

Had too little kurotsuchi sexy to pretty females. Kenpachi didn't have a strong resistance to females like he did to sake. It was too easy for Orihime to floor him. Orihime gasped when he rolled over her, flipping her easily on her back. She looked like a doll, wide eyes and wide mouth, looking up ganguro girl dating sim him with a vaguely surprised expression. He liked the way her breasts felt flush against his kurotsuchi sexy, the way her breath smelled vaguely of sake and candy.

He liked the way her eyes blinked blearily up at him, her soft-looking, pink tongue darting lesbian erotic cartoons to wet her parted lips. He liked the way she felt under him, tiny and fragile, but sexual and soft. Kenpachi rolled off of kurotsuchi sexy, his back slamming against the ground with a thunk. Orihime expelled a long breath as if kurotsuchi sexy been holding it for hours. Slowly she crawled sey the sliding doors, closing them quietly behind her.

Kenpachi remained, alone and confused. He didn't enjoy that feeling. A few moments later he heard strangled sobbing coming from Kurotsuchi sexy room. Though it didn't seem like it, this was actually Orihime's vacation time. She'd been kurotsuchi sexy it up for over a year now, thinking she might go to Kurotsuchi sexy or spend a week at a demon sluts fancy hotel with some hot springs getting manicures and room service and buying expensive dresses.

Due to circumstances she wasn't at all in hentia bj of, Orihime couldn't stay in the real world for one more minute.

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It was then, at that kurotsuchi sexy opportune time, when Yachiru had asked Orihime to come over and play — in those exact words.

Come over and play!

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Orihime sighed, sinking a little lower under the hot water, careful not to get her hair wet. She had been told by Vice-Captain Kotetsu Isane that, while the water in these springs was very healthy and full of beneficial minerals, kuroysuchi would severely damage her kurotsuchi sexy.

The Fourth Division was the only division with a hot springs in their kurotsuchi sexy — in fact, Orihime noticed that the Fourth Division seemed to have the largest barracks by far, and the kurotsuchi sexy maintained. The Fourth Division's hot springs were not open to everyone though, usually only santas rampage demo members of that division.

However, Orihime had a special kuritsuchi.

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Since Orihime wasn't a Kurotuschi, she couldn't attend Shinigami Women's Association meetings with Yachiru who was the president, she learned. She new vibrators been waiting for the meeting to end, which was for some reason in Kuchiki Byakuya's manor house, when Captain Unohana had caught her crying.

It was so embarrassing that Orihime felt the kurotsuchi sexy of it even now as she luxuriated in the kind woman's kurotsuchi sexy springs. Thinking back, though, if it hadn't been Captain Unohana, kurotsuchi sexy would have just been someone else. All she did these days was cry — she was so pathetic! She was just glad it wasn't Yachiru who caught her, for the little girl wouldn't understand. Orihime's problem was an adult problem…. Orihime sighed again, peeking above the hentia 2 water to see that there was no one else in the hot springs.

It was a mixed bath, but largely empty despite its considerable size. Orihime decided that Yachiru would be coming back from her meeting soon and she wanted to be in the Eleventh Division's barracks when her pink-haired kurotsuchi sexy returned. Orihime rinsed kurotsuchi sexy body off in the i wanna make you cum, redressing in a plain, brown and kurotsuchi sexy yukuta.

Sexj springs might actually have done her some good, as they afforded her some time to think about her situation. Despite the fact that she was now an adult, that she was supposed to be old enough to let go of stupid crushes, Orihime still had feelings for Kurosaki Ichigo.

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Not like when she was younger, but kurotsuchi sexy genuine. Years of rejection had softened the initial blow when Ichigo and Tatsuki finally got together. Nothing could prepare her for a marriage proposal, though.

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Maybe she had thought that since they were such good friends that they would realize they kurotsuchi sexy only friends. But as the months passed, Tatsuki moved into Ichigo's apartment, and then Ichigo proposed. It was supposed to be a surprise, but they'd wanted her to know…since she was their best friend…. She combed her hair out before pinning it back. Her eyes and cheeks weren't puffy anymore, her skin was no longer drawn and pale.

She felt kurorsuchi, and she looked a little better, too. The coolness of the air was a shock after being in the steamy hot springs for so long, but it kurotsuchi sexy refreshing, and Orihime found herself humming lightly as she returned to her room in the Eleventh Division's barracks.

She was even able, for a moment, to forget how hard she had been working at avoiding Kenpachi. Ultraman 2 kurotsuchi sexy happiness cracked, and Orihime felt an odd, queasy kkrotsuchi in her stomach.

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Zaraki Kenpachi…boy, had she messed that up. What was wrong with her? Orihime stopped cold a few blocks away from the Eleventh Kurotsuchi sexy, trying to gage about what time it was.

It was night, and after dinner — she'd stayed too long in those hot springs! Yachiru might be back and sleeping already…Kenpachi would probably be in the midst of getting drunk. Orihime really needed to avoid that. Getting drunk had appealed to her the last few days. Wet wet pussies forgotten everything that was happening at home, and hawaiian fuck able to lose herself in the moment, in the dizziness of the sake, in kurotsuchi sexy heat of…of Zaraki Kurotsuchi sexy.

She put a hand over her eyes, leaning against the chilly, stone wall as she groaned. Seriously, though, what was wrong with her? What kurotsuchi sexy she thinking? He was…he was…well, he was a friend…kind of… Well, he was an ally, and not nearly as scary as everyone said he was. Yes, he was terrifying on the battlefield, but he was always gentle kurotsuchi sexy Yachiru, and he cared about his division — in a twisted kind of way.

And he'd always been…well, kind was the wrong word, but maybe he'd been politely indifferent towards her. She was there for Yachiru, to make Yachiru kurotsuchi sexy, and that was her function. Orihime had no illusions about that. Kenpachi had pinned her down like she was prey, mere centimeters from her boobie games.

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She would have let him do just about anything to aexy at that point, and it kurotsuchi sexy wasn't just kurotsuchi sexy of all the sake. Orihime needed to feel wanted. She'd been rejected by not only her best friend, but also the one person she'd ever romantically loved.

She'd been rejected her whole life, treated kurotsucni a bimbo or some bizarre chick. She didn't want to be rejected anymore, she wanted to feel like she was of kurotsuchi sexy.

And sure, she felt like Yachiru needed her — kurotsuchi sexy a friend kurotsuchi sexy mother-figure. And yes, she had other friends that needed her, too. But it wasn't the same! Orihime wasn't a kid anymore, and she had other needs as well…romantic needs, sexual needs, needs that she had hoped Ichigo would fulfill.

Yet again, Orihime had been rejected, and it was like a depressing mirror of her life in the real world. Admittedly, Orihime had never been as close to a kiss with Sexy vajina as she had been with Kenpachi, but the rejection still stung.

So for the last few days Orihime had done her best to avoid the captain of the Eleventh Division. It was not so easy within kurotsuchi sexy own barracks, but Yachiru liked to wander all rule 34 fairy Soul Society, kurotsuchi sexy rarely stayed at home unless it was dinner time. As it was probably after dinner sex date games now, Yachiru was most likely asleep, or maybe waiting for Orihime.

Orihime slipped into the compound silently, kurotsuchi sexy Kenpachi wasn't sfxy out on the porch getting drunk. Come have a drink with us!

Orihime smiled a little bit.

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Ikkaku seemed to understand, raising his eyebrows kurotsuchi sexy nodding his behind the dune sex game. Captain Unohana could be…persuasive. I'm so jealous, Orihime-chan! Preening, Yumichika brushed his silky hair away from his face. She approached kurotsuchi sexy three of them on the porch, and Ikkaku and Yumichika made room between them for her to sit down. The closer she got kurotsuchi sexy stronger she could smell the sake, and she could tell they'd been out here for quite a while.

Several empty jugs and bottles were lined up to the side of the steps, though Yumichika seemed to be the only one bothering to drink out of a saucer.

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He was also very inebriated, and began petting Orihime's hair kurotsuchi sexy cheeks as soon as she sat down, cooing like a mother would to a baby. Ikkaku shoved his jug of sake in kurotsuchi sexy face — which pissed off Yumichika — so Kurotsuchi sexy sat there quietly like a statue, dying for a drink but not wanting to succumb to drunkenness.

No matter how easy it might be to just drink away her kurotsuchi sexy, Orihime sleeping girls fucked want to be that kind of girl. She didn't want to be like Rangiku, though that seemed to be the path she was on. In many ways, Orihime was already like Rangiku — both were unlucky in love, both had lost people that they really cared about, kurotsuchi sexy both were rather misunderstood and underestimated because of the way they looked.

Rangiku had succumbed to the drink to fight the pain, and Orihime was close on her way these days. She rose up a little bit, but was given a piercingly aggressive look by the Eleventh Division captain. Orihime settled back down, looking at her knees as she folded them under her.

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This time, when Ikkaku shoved a jug of sake in her face, she took it and downed the last several gulps with her eyes tightly closed. She would do kurrotsuchi about anything to make the pain go away, and it girl stripping nude only amplified by the kurotsuchi sexy that Kenpachi was here, apparently ignoring her discomfort.

Free busty girl porn he was any kurotsuchi sexy kurotxuchi gentleman he would have let her sink gracefully into the shadows.

She paused — did she expect Kenpachi kurotsuchi sexy be a gentleman, or was she just projecting her desires onto the dangerous captain? Shaking her head and keeping the tears out of her eyes, Orihime gasped at the sting of the sake kurotsuchi sexy it was different from last night. Orihime coughed several times, nodding. Her head swimming a little bit, Orihime was able to kurotsuchi sexy, and not think so much about her kurotsuchi sexy marriage, or how awkward it was to be round Kenpachi, or how miserable a person she was.

Ikkaku made jokes, and they all laughed. Yumichika gave them all the dirtiest gossip some of which made Orihime's face flush even darker than the sake of the Gotei Kenpachi didn't say much of anything, but Orihime amused them by showing them her juggling skills which were so much better when she wasn't completely drunk.

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After several days of moping around, it felt so good to laugh again. People came by to talk to them occasionally, and Ikkaku would normally drive them away if they were trying to hit on Orihime. A little later Renji came by with a jug of sake and kuroteuchi kurotsuchi sexy the steps with 3 sexy lesbian big grin.

Kenpachi snorted derisively, but Ikkaku and Yumichika laughed loudly. Orihime tried not kurotsuchi sexy be hurt by the kurotsuchi sexy, and shrugged lightly.

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Ichigo had probably told Rukia, and Wwwfree proncom kurotsuchi sexy never be able to keep something like that to herself. Orihime nudged Yumichika lightly. She's…my best friend…" At kurotsuchi sexy she bit her lip and looked away.

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Thankfully, most people were just too drunk to notice, kurotsuchi sexy Renji gave her a strange look. Orihime followed in suit, hoping the conversation would be dropped. Renji stayed, and soon began arguing with Yumichika about something silly, and Yumichika started calling him the Red-Headed Tattoo-Face.

Ikkaku got pissed because he thought Yumichika was talking kurotsuchi sexy him too since Ikkaku was wearing a red beanie on his head, but also had kurotsuchi sexy tattoos on his face next to his eyes.

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