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You guys. I'm doing a thing. Why I'm doing a thing: lynlynsays (Just Something .. Last time, I wrote a lot about Kill la Kill, which a lot of people have already done, but . But in Food Wars the weirdly sexual-but-not-sexual stuff exists entirely in mental imagery. . Hatred: The Great Big Adults-Only What-the-Fuck of

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I'm all for experimentation specifically in Home Depot's garden accessories sectionbut for real Didn't happen to catch that one?

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From stone cold fox, to Stone Cold Steve Austin. Not only do women work fewer hours than men, they choose different careers.

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Look at the porn industry. There especially as of late has been an incredible amount of female porn which is VASTLY different than porn aimed towards kill la kill fuck you gif. The entire point of the fan service is to maintain some sort of interest because of a babe on babe porn sex appeal. As for people throwing sexism around I would disagree.

This is all fictional and even then the main character whom is the only one who can kill la kill fuck you gif a mech alone so far the strongest is a female. It's am absurd notion as if this was a fan service tailoring towards women this wouldn't be an issue. Here's the thing, what you don't know hou male vs. But you know what? None of it matters? It's a fucking show about mechs.

And any sexual subtext is handle tastelessly, it doesn't matter if it appeals to you. You can find it appealing. If you don't find it tasteless you lack kill la kill fuck you gif. It doesn't matter if they are to appeal to men.

Want to add to the discussion?

nightmare moon game Men aren't all objectifying sleazy weirdos who want to look at women as part of a machine to be used. Fanservice is what you anime fans say to make yourself feel better about watching sleazy shit.

She pokemon hypnosis hentai handlebars kill la kill fuck you gif her ass! Fuck that stupid shit dude. There's no excuse for that level of retarded nonsense. You're right they will never be the same, but that only enforces my criticism of this being over the top and stupid. You don't see it the other way. So I fail to see why YOU brought it up in the first place. As for disagreeing, well duh. You know why you disagree? Because it appeals to you.

And you don't care as long as it gives you what you want. You bring up objectivity, yet it's all opinions not fact that something is tasteless or not. All of these shows are for entertainment. That's why people watch them. If it's not appealing to you then perhaps don't watch it? Enough people enjoy the show which there is by far way more content than just how they pilot the mech.

Perhaps you should work on not bringing up assumptions of what people think. I'm nearly arguing that it's an absurd notion that something fictional is sexist such as this especially when there is more to it than just how they pilot japanese upskirt game mech. Instead you choose to get emotional and kill la kill fuck you gif saying things such as "anime fans like you" because someone has a different opinion.

In your mind anything sexual is tasteless which is nonsense. Perhaps it is nintendo arms porn who lacks objectivity because you are so narrow-minded you are unable to comprehend another opinion and are quick to throw out assumptions for people thinking differently than you as you so valiantly demonstrated.

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Anime isn't fan fiction. Fan fiction is stories wrote by fans. Franxx is a commercial work. Now what I sex doll new is I kill la kill fuck you gif believe either are sexist. I view it more as fan service appealing to the majority of the viewers which is likely males or at least when they come up with sexualized stuff like this.

You're still wrong, though.

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It's literally a guy on a throne piloting a girl on all fours, dude. I would disagree with it being sexiest.

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Mind you I am only on episode 3 right now but, there are kill la kill fuck you gif in charge, hell one of them is probably the strongest? The girl street fighter 5 porn Horne'setc.

Perhaps the best we can do is agree to disagree as in the end it's just our opinions that we are arguing which is a great thing we have the right to do so! Mind you I am not a female, though admin porn much respect as I have for women, even with kill la kill fuck you gif they control the machine which obviously looks like they are doing it to me that's just more fan service to enjoy a few hot girls se before it goes back to the story.

It's such a brief moment that sure might be "appealing" to some but, I don't feel that especially when it's fictional to be sexist. Kill la Kill is obviously a half-slapstick half-action half-erotic anime. You can't take it seriously. By contrast FranXX has nothing in it that screams "this is not serious.

But FranXX looks like it's a serious anime. And that makes you feel like the theme is serious. It looks even more serious stylistically than TTGL.

So you can tell they're trying to say "this is the real deal. And nothing good comes out when sex and drama are mixed. Kill La Kill was slapstick, and as you pointed out, this is not. Comedy was not the shared nature I referred to but rather introspection and honesty. I doubt they kill la kill fuck you gif commenting on the same things or genres -- what would be the point of that?

It's not light hearted, and I don't really kill la kill fuck you gif Kill La Kill was either. Kill la kill fuck you gif are only 2 episodes in, we can't be entirely smash brothers hentai what their point s will be. Perhaps one will be that "nothing good comes out when sex and drama are mixed. This honestly make it sounds like this is a good thing.

It's like you're trying to say that Franxx takes sexuality seriously. KLI had more nudity by its second episode?

Are you trying to get at the difference between sexualisation and nudity? Because that's a pretty nuanced debate to have and you're putting it pretty bluntly. Effectively though, Kill la Kill says very little about sexuality, and a lot of the "fan service" is just casual nudity with some fun camera angles. Franxx seems to be going for more sexuality than anything since it kill la kill fuck you gif to be playing off of the relationships of the characters, and it sexualises them through comments and visual innuendos in the show, which is something I don't think Kill la Kill ever tries to do Yeah, nudity in KLK was mostly about jokes, liberation and self-actualization iirc, never about sexuality.

Yup, also they'll herald japan as their bastion of 'fun,' completely ignoring any real cultural issue the nation is facing. While im going to watch till episodejust to let the show get out of act 1, the resounding feeling I have is one of disappointment.

I'm hoping the show will ultimately turn out to rebelious, nurse pirn intelligent, and queer in some way. On the topic of sexual metaphor the show is hardlining heteronormaty at the moment.

Its erasing that queer folk exist, or at least making them nonexistent within piloting. A huge loss considering it wants to talk about sexual maturity and connection. Again I dont expect this to happen, and im kinda waiting for it to punch me in the face with an anti-queer joke.

Personally, I don't care if the show only has heterosexual couples and the technobabble of needing 1 guy 1 girl is a plot device to force shipping out of nothing. I agree it'd be new if there was a anime lizard man couple Devilman also had more gay sex in it than anyone would expect: Then again, this is all thinking too hard about the subject.

We'll just get some buzzword like spiral energy plus unintelligible technobabble. Plus I don't think it's fair to look at anything and everything a show does through the lens of whether it's pro or anti LGBT, feminist or not, etc. My problem with it is that the combination of sexist plot added to male-pandering fanservice packed everywhere leaves a bad taste in the mouth.

When I posted this thread I had thought everything was lost and this show had gone to shit, but some replies convinced me there may still be hope. Like you I'm going to keep watching, but kill la kill fuck you gif it doesn't show promise of going to a better direction, then I honestly don't think I can bear to keep watching this level of cringe.

I understand the narrative reasons, but I also know a living person created this. A living person designed the piloting setup for a reason, and so far the cringe is too much. I think talking about sexuality and including queer sexuality would actaully help to set the series apart from other mecha.

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I've watched so many mecha anime with this same setup, same narrative, and same "no queer fun anime girls fucked sign. Im just tired, and I guess that makes it more dissappointing.

I would argue that if a show's writers themselves are uou to put a feminist lens on it, then yes; how it looks under it is fair to judge. Having read through this thread and used the "find" function just to be sure, I must say I'm surprised that the word "hypocrisy" never came up. People implied it multiple times, but to put it into more concrete terms, I think the problem many have with this show is basically summed up in that word.

I get that the series cartoon lesbians games uncritical of the society it depicts; that the mecha designs and piloting methods are the products l an inventor made out to be sick, that the society forcing minors to do this is obviously portrayed as dystopian, and that 02 is supposed to be an empowered female lead come to subvert it all.

The problem is that while all of this is happening, the products of this dystopia are being played for pleasure; big booty dick sucker condemnation, on the part of the audience. While it's telling us that this is oppressive, it's showing us that such oppression is sexy.

It's kull even that I look down on the audience for daring to be aroused by it. There is nothing wrong with doing it doggy-style lesbian anal bdsm nothing kil with watching people do it doggy-style. I'm very pro-sex, pro-fanservice and pro-porn, but here's the rub; if you derive so much pleasure from watching people in that position, why not just get porn in that case? If that's the sort of media you kill la kill fuck you gif consuming, without necessarily having any narrative of how people were forced into it, there would be far kill la kill fuck you gif detractors over your arousal.

But here, they wrote themselves into a fjck when they decided they wanted to feature couples in that position in a context other than actual sexual intercourse; a context so absurdly contrived that the only way they can explain it is it being forced from above by a powerful pervert.

This isn't the case in all of what can be called fan-service--maybe not even most. In the case of a character being scantily-clad, sure; it's fuuck for fanservice, but actual people do voluntarily wear light or sometimes no clothing.

Not kull for the sake of provoking bulma sexo clothes can be comfortable at times--but even if they do want sexual attention, a person being simply aroused isn't kill la kill fuck you gif same as initiating sex, and even if it yu to sex, the sex can fyck consensual and bring in a meaningful relationship.

TLDR; lots of fanservice has the excuse of being a depiction of gkf some people actually, voluntarily act, but not here. Actual people do not voluntarily assume sexual positions for goals other than sex--no; wrestling doesn't count, as kill la kill fuck you gif involves shifting poses--so they have to explain it as forced if they go there kill la kill fuck you gif all, which again, opens up the issue of it being hypocritical to acknowledge such coercion is wrong while also depicting it in graphic detail for the sake of arousal.

Again, why not just get porn? Or if you want a humongous mecha anime fucj doubles as that, why not just have one where mecha pilots meet and get in that position because they actually hit it off tuck actually have sex as a result?

There isn't any real good reason for this show's bizarre quest to constantly depict sex without depicting sex, and even if it has other virtues that make up for that problem, it's tit babe by how blatantly ggif problem never had to kil, in the first place. This anime is very unique in klil sense that not everyone will like it LUL. But hey, tuck sexual fan service provided to thirsty anime freaks.

Late post I know, but I just now started to watch the series and I gotta be completely honest, I'm hooked. Personally, I think you're looking way too far with jumping to vif. I don't get the feeling that the intent was for it to be offensive but go for whatever you want.

Obviously it's meant to kilk a metaphor for sex, with the positions and all the ridiculous lines of "I feel myself going deeper inside you", but I don't know if they wrote that for the purpose to push an "agenda" or anything like that. Quite a reach in my opinion. You can absolutely make the arguement that kill la kill fuck you gif series is trashy, sure.

Many many shows are plenty trashy. I think you're out for blood on this for some reason I don't fully understand. That's the silliest thing I've heard since I said I wasn't going to watch the recent Berserk series because of the animation please don't do that, the show is actually fantastic.

I actually think this series is more artistically adventurous than many that have came out recently, definitely being one of the top artistically of this garbage Winter Season. I find the use of differing aspect ratios to be really really interesting in how it changes a scenes mood and feeling like when ,ill guards showed up to take Zero Two away. I'm also a sucker for this design of kill la kill fuck you gif, a sort of simplistic or minimalistic feel matte colors, simple designs.

Feels like a more mild Kill La Kill and I really like it. I also like the characters achetypes and how they fit into this "squad" dynamic as well as the dynamic of the two parasites in each Franxx.

la you fuck gif kill kill

I guess kill la kill fuck you gif can see this as "sexist" but I think it fits fairly well in the metaphor of sex. Each person of the pair have to be focused and trusting of each other and if either of those guf out of sync it won't work. I think the whole story with Zero Two and Hiro could be a metaphor legos porn how there's one person that just clicks with sex robot action. I'm only trying to understand the meaning behind it instead of jumping to that the show is garbage because it's fuci because I won't look at the content from another view.

I could be mistaken though and there's no meaning to anything and it's purely for fan service, which I'm sure kilk a kill la kill fuck you gif but still. I can't profess to know. Newest episode had a girl in the seat with a guy on the bottom. They also mentioned female and female is possible.

you fuck gif kill la kill

Commenting in a dead thread, after watching 18 episodes in a day, all I would like to say now is that if you watch them you'll realize fuco they're not trying to sexualize anything free family guy porn it has a much deeper and profound reason for everything they're showing in the pilot episodes.

It's a Trigger show well, at least half. Ridicilous fanservice and premises are what they do. Guess I need to check this one out kill la kill fuck you gif You can't apply your ideas of logic and morality to the standpoint of the characters. They are "brainwashed" according to our rules of logic.

gif fuck la kill kill you

However as noted, females in this world can pilot alone in theory, however if anything the male partner acts as a git to the simgirls 51 cheats. If anything the male is regulated to the supporting roll, however the way they positioned the two pilots is the opposite of the importance of the roll.

But killl the world in which "papa" is the supreme being, it isn't a surprise. As long glory hole cartoon there is not NTR, i will keep watching the show to see the yoy of the characters. But yeah the choice of pilot position is def. The reason Darling in the Franxx kill la kill fuck you gif so sexualized is that the entire story is duck metaphor for sexual relationships and exploration.

That is at the core of the story along with the theme that different types of relationships and experiences work differently for different people even though society tries to kill la kill fuck you gif that. By that logic it's impossible to make a sexist work, because you can just always say "it's not sexist, it merely portrays sexism. To be fair, "depiction is not advocation" is an important point to make.

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No joke; I have actually gotten into a frothing rage at somebody for saying that Blazing Saddles was the most racist movie he'd kill la kill fuck you gif seen, since he didn't understand the difference between depicting such things and declaring they were good, and in fact, the movie declared that they were very, very bad.

But the difference between Blazing Saddles and saloon porn is gou although Blazing Saddles was a surreal comedy, the sort fuckk racist scenarios it depicted were actually the play sex videos of things that happened back then. Meanwhile, this anime is depicting a world whose sexual themes are so far outside the bounds of reality that there's barely even a point to saying "it merely portrays sexism", save as a saving throw against people who aren't convinced the creators think sexism is wrong.

For everyone else, this is portraying a sort of sexism that doesn't even really kill la kill fuck you gif, leaving open the question as to why it's even portraying it to begin with when there's so many less contrived ways to make a sexually stimulating show.