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You can unlock new skills by doing certain actions. All skills have a sxd, experience to the next level and skill type. As skills increase in level, the skill becomes more useful and stronger.

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Passive skills are constantly activated. An example would be [Pain Tolerance].

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Active skills have to be activated by the Gamer. An example would be [Boosted Gear].

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Allows the Gamer to calmly and logically think things through. Allows peaceful state of mind.

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Immunity to psychological status effects. Increases your tolerance to pain. The hugh the level the more pain you can tolerate before you faint. Increases your defense against physical attacks.

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The higher the level the more physical damage you negate. The inventory page is a place for you to put your items.

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On the right side is your storage space. There is no space or slot limit. Time does not pass in the inventory. However, you gamws put living things inside of it.

On the rightis your equipment space.

dxd games school high

It shows your currently equipped items. You can also change equipment by dragging them from your storage space into the equipment space.

The money you high school dxd games in the inventory will be displayed on gamees status page.

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The reputation page is where your social reputation is displayed. This page shows you your reputation with people you know hentai girl orgasm groups you interact high school dxd games. To increase your rank, you must increase the Reputation beyond the threshold. The quest page shows you all ongoing scgool completed quests that you have.

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Quests can be taken given by the system or anyone who has a task for the Gamer. As the tutorial ended Issei was honestly speechless. If everything that was written in the tutorial was true he had gotten a completely broken ability.

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As if the ability to double anything high school dxd games enough, he now had the ability to train like a game character, increasing his stats until he reaches the limit, if there is one. You have read the entirety of the first chapter! I hope it satisfies you. As I mentioned above, this is the first time I am writing a fanfic so I have no doubt this will be littered with mistakes but I hope you will new hardcore porn high school dxd games them and continue to read along.

Added a running cost for [Boosted Gear] and edited 'Pervert' perk. Minor changes here and there as well.

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Altered Ddraig to be more unfriendly, 'Reputation' tutorial more in-depth, added Equipment space under inventory. Altered [Boosted Gear] running cost. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

games dxd high school

Issei had always wanted to become the Harem King. It was his dream youcum his childhood.

dxd high games school

So when he gains the power of the Gamer, obviously he was going to use it to get a harem! Issei with Gamer powers while being perverted.

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This fanfic is inspired by various Issei with The Gamer's power fanfictions. While shouting he did his best to calm down. I was in a car accident.

games dxd high school

I need an ambulance now! Losing a lot of blood" "Where are you?

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I need you to remain calm and tell me your location. How do you feel?

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Gorou dear go get the doctor! Wake me up if you need anything. As you progress you can unlock more features The currently high school dxd games features are Status, Skills, Inventory, Reputation, Quest. Please say 'Status' to continue the tutorial 'Huh.

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You must equip Titles to gain its effects. Mana Points MP — The numerical value assigned to your mana.

dxd games school high

Stamina Points SP —The numerical value assigned to your stamina. Money — The amount of money you have put into your inventory. Harem King Self Proclaimed Race: Please say 'Skills' to continue the tutorial.

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Even this system knows only you believe sexy pokeporn it! You can unlock new skills by doing certain actions All skills have ddxd level, experience to the next level and skill type. There are 2 high school dxd games types. Costs 10 max stamina per Boost.

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