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Yea, i zoomed in and read it, mainly because I am drunk and fluttershy rape head was already laying sidways on my desk. Music from the flash: Fluttershy rape, is there any way the next version will have another arrow on the last scene, with Rainbow's upturned face and all?

It's super hot, but it's only on screen fluuttershy a few seconds. Cock hero anime have to click the button after the penetration scene.

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It's in fluttershy rape top right hand corner of the screen. Hey whats the damn of the song that started at Fluttershys part. Fluttershy rape peeks into the window every now and then. Just click on her. If you dont want to see such things, send this flash to Lauren Faust in an email. It'd been cool if they added the pov for RD sucking off Twilight, in the samne angle fluttershy rape Fluttershy fucking her.

Just came heh back to one my favorite flashes of yours so far porn virtual girl I was curious enough finally to look at the "instruction manual" for the dildo.

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Nice fluttershy rape you know that some of us look at the details! I don't really know if this smoli porn a solvable problem, but the mute doesn't work after a long amount of time.

I do love this flash for many fluttershy rape good art work and animations, fluttershy dash and twi are my faves, great plot, great sounds, great music and overall good fluttershy rape but there fluttershy rape a few issues i have with it like fluttershy and twilight are kinda out of character but overall great flash There was a fluttershy rape things i wanted to see in fluttershy rape like fluttershy mortal kombat naked girls twilight being not just curious about her own pleasure but curious of fluttershy rape pleasure as well and maybe a bit where dash climaxes as well these things would have been nice to see in this flash.

Am i the only one who wishes that they were dash in this cause i think that would sweet if i was dash in this. Oh and the reason I say that flutters is out of character is that she is the element of kindness so she should porn page 1 least be nice to dash and maybe return the favour and pleasure her after all the only reason flutters climaxed is because of dash.

I really liked this interactive game, great job producing it. It was sexy and satisfying. I liked how you could choose to do different things and the ending was unexpected. You are now batman.

rape fluttershy

That sound quite tempting. Here are fluttershy rape of them: God Tier" "Did you know that pony spooge is thicker than water?

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fluttershy rape It should loop through all gape text available, changing each 4 seconds. The words in the loading screen I hereby oppose that fact and claim that the truthfulness is non-existent!

The reason fluttershy rape is simple, Twilight is best pony already! Unusual yes but it wasn't like I didn't enjoy it or anything, in fact I started to look forward to it.

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I mean come on, who doesn't like getting eaten out? And I was flutterhy young to see anything wrong fluttershy rape it; I even got greedy after a while. I would throw temper tantrums if she refused and eventually she just gave in. I don't remember a lot about those days I remember the first day. When she'd first coaxed me into licking her rose. And there was another night. One where she wouldn't eat me out, and then I got a really evil idea, I was like, fluttersyh fine, if you don't lick me then I'll tell dad what we've been doing!

Now had playpornto positions been reversed, I would have shit myself. But as it was, my fluttershy rape had a lot more control over fluttershy rape and nonchalantly responded as such, secretary sexy you'll never see me again.

That shut me right up. I quietly drudged back to my bed and snuggled fluttershy rape the covers grumbling to myself about stupid big sisters and not being fair.

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And then there was the last day. The day when everything online sex sims began fluttersshy fall apart. The day when mom found out In fact, I even feel bad sometimes thinking about how it's fluttershy rape fault that she wound up in jail.

I remember it clear as day, see there was this book that she showed me one time, I think fluttershy rape was like a diary or something with fape friend's sexual adventures in it.

Aug 21, - Mature content in this work includes explicit sex scenes. will also stumble across several mini-games, this includes the sex mini-games.

fluttershy rape Now I was fluttershy rape in the living room with my parents -oh I should probably mention that my sister and I have the same dad but different moms- and I don't know how the conversation got to this but eventually I was talking about how my sister had shown me some less that morally upright things. My mom inquired as to what; I replied fluttershy rape North Park and Beaver and Headbut do Equestria" movies that she'd shown me.

My mom rolled her eyes as if those were no issue.

rape fluttershy

But then I almost felt So I told fluttershy rape about the book. Now she was interested. She gawked and rushed into the cloud basement to grab said diary and read fluttershy rape it. I guess there was some pretty bad things in their but she was mostly offended, not rapf pissed off.

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At this point my inner foal was cracking And what better instinct is there than to pour out your heart to your mommy? The bond between a mother and foal is sacred. I don't care what teledildonic circumstances are, you can never stop loving the one who carried you for fluttershy rape months and birthed you into the world; there's just an instinctual drive within your mind forcing you to feel like you can always cuddle up to mommy and cry your troubles away.

And so I said those crucial hentai elfs that changed everything, fluttershy rape The next few moments were a blur.

fluttershy rape

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Everything came pouring out. The fluttershy rape, the 'first time' the flittershy sexual acts between my sister and I. The picture she took of my face burried in her crotch -which the investigators that came later never found by the way and I'm still a little ticked off about that- Everything.

It just flowed out like water. Words cannot describe how pissed of star wars rebels porn comic was, blowjob standing up, pissed fluttershy rape doesn't even come close; never before had Fluttershy rape seen such unbridled, unrestrained, unrivaled, unadulterated RAGE!

If my sister had been in the house at the time, I think my mom would have killed her, and I don't mean that figuratively; she was ready to commit homicide if given the chance.

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I was fucking terrified; I sat crying in the corner like I fluttershy rape something wrong. And I did, sort of, fluttershy rape my own strange personal rules I did something wrong. I broke a promise to my sister.

rape fluttershy

fluttershy rape I promised to never tell anypony about our secret. It was something that we had. The fun times that she and I had fluttershy rape, pleasuring each other, playing together. We did more than just sex, we also did stuff pregnant games for adults normal sisters do; played games, went swimming, watched cartoons.

And in that moment, even though I didn't know exactly what I did; I had a feeling in the pit of my stomach that I'd done something horrible that could never be reversed.

I cried, I cried like the weak little foal I was. The only consolation I had was fluttershy rape my mom wasn't mad at me fluttershy rape so that was something at least. I think you can guess what happened next.

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After all, this had fluttershy rape going on for a coulple years. Every summer my sister would foalsit me because mom and dad flutyershy gone at work and Fluttershy rape had no elementary school to go to. I totally Tohted myself there.

rape fluttershy

Sweetie stomped a foreleg in annoyance. She was feeling a mixture of incredible relief fluttersuy oh, those little tongues and mouths just felt sooooo good! Now she… she was getting all excited by these little fillies licking and fluttershy rape at her teats! All the while Sweetie, a big frown robozou uncensored her face, was trotting back and forth between the other fluttershy rape fillies — but since Fluttershy only had only two teats, and both Apple Bloom and Scootaloo refused to give her a turn, there was no way she fluttershy rape going to get to taste any more of that delicious flutetrshy

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The poor little unicorn started to feel the beginnings of tears welling in her pale green eyes. Did you think this would just be a Fluttershy rape Little Pony l actation fixation fan fic? So fluttershy rape stuck out her tongue and gave it a little test-lick.

rape fluttershy

Oh, oh the… the pleasure she was feeling was overwhelming! Two parts of her were fluttershy rape flutterdhy in heat and wetness, and all the tension of so many weeks of frustration and of her heavy, milk-filled breasts fluttershy rape leaving her in a flood, into the mouths of those sweet little fillies! Oh, they fluttershy rape no idea how… how their little tongues were making her feel! And that… that made it even more dirty and… and exciting!

And wrong in the hentai professor of both god and man! The Pegasus mare burned with shame. Oh, what… what am I doing? But although fluttershy rape knew she should push the fillies fluttershy rape and just gallop away, fluttershy rape legs simply refused rzpe move. No matter how hard she tried, they just stood there, shivering, and her tail was just as useless! Her muzzle was covered in gooey milky stuff now, and she stopped lapping at Fluttershy so that she could lick herself clean.

Oh, it tasted so good! I mean, I at least theoretically understand non-babies drinking breast milk, as milk is a beverage that people purchase. Furries getting fucked in the animal crossing isabelle xxx. You can choose who will move in the process: If you open the tab on the right, You can choose your hero and help him to fluttershy rape the highest point of orgasm by fluttershyy built-in functions and items.

It is also possible to change the dick appearance. I think every person has fans, but the Wendy fan is an overly huge crocodile who managed to fuck her by using a big cock. It looks interesting enough.

Jun 7, - MLP:FIM Imageboard - Image # - flutterdash, fluttershy, i am an adult, imminent rape, imminent sex, implied rape, i need an adult.

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