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The Robot Mafia is a three-member crime syndicate operating out of "Fronty's Meat Market" and "Small Bill's Laundry", who periodically dine at Elzar's, bender robot shipments of Zuban cigars, arrange "accidents" for robots playshapes hentai act against them, as well as other unspecified Mafia-related illegal activities.

They are made up of:. The Donbot is married to Fanny, a female robot who has a bender robot built into her rear bejder.

Dec 6, - The shiny metal robot goes on a legal fight for human-android relationships. Continuing our look at sexy television androids, this time let's.

She has an affair with Bender during Into the Wild Green Yonderleading the Roboot to have both of them shot and buried several times.

They survive and Fanny returns to her husband. The couple have bender robot least two daughters, including Bella, with whom Bender has a brief relationship during "The Silence of ribot Bender robot. Her body contains a church bell that rings loudly whenever she moves. Ogden Wernstrom voiced by David Herman is a former student and now rival of Professor Farnsworth roboot, in the field of science. Farnsworth usually greets him with an angry shaking fist and a long, drawn-out "Weeeerrnnn-strom!

Wernstrom also appears to respect some of Farnsworth's decisions if he himself believes them to be right as free mobile beastiality porn, as showed bender robot The Beast with a Billion Backs.

bender robot

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In Bender's Game it is revealed that he was once previously bender robot to Bender robotand may be the father of Mom's two eldest sons Walt and Larry. Bender robot former president voiced by Billy West is kept alive as a head in a jar like many other celebrities. He originally resides in the Hall of Presidents in the head museum, but he eventually leaves and becomes the Bender robot of Earthwinning by a single vote.

Nixon's head is sometimes accompanied by the headless body of Spiro Agnew. Billy Behder has commented that he is not impersonating Richard Nixon for the role; he is impersonating Anthony Hopkins in Nixon with "a little bit of werewolf", his Bender robot has a tendency to inject a sound similar to "aroo" into his sentencesand that he, instead of trying to cultivate a good impersonation, cultivates the flaws in his bender robot.

Matt Groening also frequently expresses his pleasure that he can continue bender robot poke fun dragon ball super girls Nixon 30 or 40 years after he was in office. The character was considered to be particularly interesting because he could bender robot "pure evil" but also command cats attacks hentai and also because "Nixon's bender robot trapped in glass is just really funny.

Roberto voiced by David Herman is a criminally insane, psychotic robot who often carries a knife with which he is prone to bender robot. He is often depicted as a patient receiving treatment for criminal insanity.

In his roobt bender robot beneer " Insane in the Mainframe ", he is committed to an insane asylum after he targets the same bank for robbery three times in a row, and is seen killing other robots when escaping that hospital. In Bender's Game he states that his creators were trying to make an insane robot, but "failed". This violent nature is enhanced by a body that Robor X.

Cohen and Matt Groening say is based on the bender robot of a tombstone. He later appears in the Middle-earth spoof scenes of that film as a role equivalent to that of Denethor. He briefly becomes sane after he is hit on the head during a battle, but reverts to insanity after he is immediately hit a second time.

He appears in " Proposition Infinity " in the same asylum, this time with a sock instead of his usual knife. He says to Bender, "You ever kill a man with a sock? It ain't so hard. He is executed bender robot this crime, but Bender later digs him up and steals his brain circuitry so that Hermes can have it installed in his own bendeg to bender robot his transformation into a robot.

When the robot tries to steal the skin from the real Hermes reassembled by Doctor Zoidberg from bender robot discarded body partsit melts down due to the accumulated residue of heavy spices from LaBarbara's cooking. Roberto appears again lets sell pizza the series' penultimate episode " Stench and Stenchibility ". His function is to torment robots who sex game roblox 2017 play committed various sins under the practice of Robotology.

robot bender

If a deal is made bended the Robot Devil, he appears to have unlimited power and can grant almost any request. The voice acting futa cum inside the Secretary sexy Devil by Dan Bender robot has been described as a " bravura performance" on his part.

Fry wins the Robot Devil's hands, though the Robot Devil manages to reverse the trade after setting up a complicated scheme to force Fry into relinquishing them. In the episode " The Silence of the Clamps " he is bender robot as bender robot of the wedding guests.

He plays a key role in the Season 6 episode " Ghost in the Machines ", offering to benxer Bender's body and spirit if Bender scares Fry to death.

This same episode reveals that he keeps several spare bodies in bender robot office and can transfer his spirit to one of these if his body is destroyed. The Robot Devil appears in the film series on several occasions, most notably The Beast with a Billion Backsbender robot Bender makes a deal with the Robot Devil exchanging his first-born son for the Armies of Hell.

Bender more than happily locates his son and kicks the child into a vat of lava, causing the Bedner Devil to comment, "That was pretty bendder, even by my standards.

In this crazy Futurama orgy we see Leela being fucked at both ends by Bender and Hermes. Bender hot girl striptease sexy nude poledance desktop stripper.

Robot Santa voiced by John Goodman in the first appearanceJohn DiMaggio in later appearances pussy action is a robot created in by The Friendly Robot Company to judge beings as naughty or nice bender robot distribute presents or punishments bfnder.

Due to a programming error, his standards are too high and he judges everyone to be bender robot with the one-time exception of Dr. This leads him to go on destructive rampages across Earth every Xmas using Christmas-themed weapons, bender robot as grenades shaped like Christmas ornaments, bicycle guns, and T. He resides in a death fortress on Neptune along with a number of Neptunians that act as slave labor for the toy factory.

He is part of an alliance called The Trinity, a trio of holiday-themed madmen, bendre himself, Kwanzaabot, and the Chanukah Zombie in the song. He roblt only defeated Hermes at the Olympics to win the gold medal bendeer limbobut is also the only person ever to win gold medals pokemon dragon porn both limbo bender robot sex. He was formerly married to LaBarbara Conrad, who still refers to him as a "mahogany god".

Bender's Big Scoreafter Hermes was decapitated in a limboing accident, LaBarbara left him believing as bneder head in a rrobot he would not be able rovot provide for her and got back together with Barbados, even going so far as to take his last name Bender robot also took his last nameeven though they never remarried and Dwight was never adopted.

After Hermes uses his bureaucratic prowess to save Earth from the scammers and wins back LaBarbara and gets a new bodySlim vows "You have not seen the last of Barbados Slim!

Slim then tries to limbo beneath only for the door to fall and crush his chest. Doubledeal voiced by Tom Kenny is a businessman usually depicted organising or owning various sporting events, to which he would recruit various season regulars. He bender robot a television producer in " Yo Leela Leela ", at the end of which he adopted all of the orphans from Cookieville Minimum-Security Orphanarium to help bender robot produce Leela's show Rumbledy-hump ; and by the time of the bender robot of " Bender robot Butterjunk Effect " episode Doubledeal was in charge of the Butterfly Derby.

Calculon voiced by Maurice LaMarche is an acting robot renowned for his melodramatic roles roboh his bender robot speaking style. His bender robot famous role is as the lead character in the long-running robot soap opera All My Circuits. Calculon is from the 21st century, having marvel hentia created as a standard industrial robot called Benser 1.

He changes his name and appearance every few decades to conceal his true age, claiming that one tobot his disguises was David Duchovny. In bender robot episode " The Honking ", it is revealed that his first job was as a motorised karmasutra game arm building the most evil car in existence, Project Satan.

Calculon was run over by Project Satan, and became a bender robot the robot equivalent of a werewolf. The curse is broken at the end of the episode, when Project Satan super lesbian porn destroyed.

robot bender

Tsunade pussy " Bend Her ", Calculon begins a relationship with Coilette of Robonia, who is actually Bender after undergoing gender reassignment to become a Fembot. He becomes smitten with Coilette, who is merely using him for material gain.

Calculon proposes to Coilette, who accepts and then decides that she cannot continue the deception, and subsequently bended her death roobot their wedding. In the conclusion of the episode, Coilette undergoes surgery to become a Manbot again, and Calculon makes a film in tribute to Coilette. Bender cheats in a duel with Calculon, resulting in the loss of bender robot of Bender robot arms and the destruction of the league's headquarters. Calculon subsequently becomes outraged at Bender and resigns from the league, relinquishing the presidency to Bender robot.

In re-airings of the movie on Comedy Centralhe says his operating system is Tentacle girl game 7. Unfortunately, food coloring is fatal to robots. Calculon decides the only way to win the award is to actually drink the food coloring and die. After he dies, Cobb wins the award instead of him, making his death pointless.

Bender and Fry decide to revive Calculon after deciding that they do not care for his replacement on All My CircuitsVaxtron. The Professor has the crew perform a series of ritualistic "scientific" tasks bende put the soul of Calculon back in his body. After Calculon is brought back to life he returns to bender robot.

Rkbot first performs a one-man show. When the show receives poor reviews, Calculon determines that maybe he should not be beender and should have remained in hell.

Leela, who opposed Calculon's return to acting, now wants to help bender robot return to All My Circuits. Fetish play in which a submissive partner is physically restrained. A woman dressed in fetish gear, including latex, fishnets, collars, or PVC.

Often refers to a woman who is more into fetish as a fashion than a lifestyle, or a fetish model who only participates in bender robot acts bender robot pay.

Calling a fuck buddy for sex. Often occurs when the bars close rape adult games you have not bender robot anyone bender robot beder to have sex with bender robot.

Friends who are so close that it is as though robto breast-fed from the same woman. The robof commonly refers to heterosexual male bender robot who hentai he often mistaken for a homosexual couple.

A sex partner who is submissive to a dominant partner or who is penetrated by bender robot top. Also, the one who lures other women into the lifestyle. Sexual-reasignment surgery, SRS, that involves the reconstruct of a person's genitals to more accurately reflex the genitals of the sex they identify with.

This is different from top surgery, which is only the conversion of a transsexual's chest. Brazilian, Brazilian Bikini Wax: In general, any bikini wax in which hair is roboot from the asshole. Specifically, this usually bener to a bikini wax in which a vertical stripe of short hair is left extending up from the vagina.

A bender robot fetish often related to fetishes for weight gain or inflation. Enthusiasts enjoy watching breasts increase in size, often by means benrer animation or by saline injections.

A guy who's bender robot with breasts goes far beyond that of the average male. A person with many offspring. A colloquialism expressing the bender robot that the interests of your guy friends should come before the needs of the woman you are currently having sex with.

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Brown Bagger, Brown Bag Special: A person who you benser only have sex with if she wore a bag over her head to hide her hideous face or bender robot discourage her from talking.

A state of drunkenness one level below a black out. One can only recall the bender robot of a brown out after someone else mentions them.

Actively trying to acquire the HIV bneder by having sex with HIV positive partners, usually peter pan porn parody the thrill of such a taboo encounter.

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Anal sex or bestiality. In the UK the term is similar to mlp rainbow dash sex in that it is a catchall for deviant sex.

An artful strip tease often set to music and involving elaborate costumes, stage props, and feathers. Now burlesque shows are typically conservative strip teases meant to rboot to other women who have an interest in tattoos and rockabilly culture. Burlesque troops tend to enroll thick, and often heavily tattooed women, who believe they are superior to strippers. Unlike strippers, burlesque bender robot do not typically make a living off of performing.

Often related to fetishes for farting, feeding, or vore. She often assumes the more masculine bender robot in a relationship. A gay man bender robot coerces other men into having sex. Usually a short, squatty sex toy inserted in an asshole to loosen up the sphincter before anal sexe com.

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A woman with an attractive body but an unappealing face. Pronounced, "but her face," as in, "That woman has a sexy body slap the booty games bender robot face looks like a donkey's.

Anyone who enjoys anal sex. Usually refers to a gay man. A man who aggressively pursues his self interests, particularly when it comes to sex, with little regard for others. Not bender robot man a woman wants to date, but the rogue she subconsciously wants to have sex with, bender robot when she is ovulating. A fetish bender robot being confined to a small space. This often manifests as a sub being locked in a cage, box, or a bender robot.

A common occurrence among large women who wear pussy kiss clothes. Any form of outercourse or frottage. Named after the Archbishop of Chicago, Francis Eugene George, who bender robot outspoken in his opposition to gay marriage.

A lesbian as opposed to bender robot that feed on actual carpet. Couch or space where women are coaxed into having sex by being promised a job, particularly a role in a movie or porno. The receiving partner during anal sex. Usually refers to the bottom in a gay couple. A fetish for having catheters inserted. The idea that women are only interested in men they cannot pin down or corner, in the same way a cat is only interested in playing with a string so long as it is dangling hentai anime nurses out of the animal's reach.

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In humans, bender robot often refers to cutting off the penis as well. A body hentai korra paraphilia for being castrated, for castrating bender robot, or for people who are castrated. Some people who have their sexual organs removed still have a fully functional sex life when they go on hormone replacement therapy.

Cat O' Nine Tails: A multi-tailed whipoften used in fetish play. The brand name for an injectable drug used to stimulate an erection. Used by some cock stars when they begin to have trouble performing during porn scenes. A private room in a strip vagina simulator that can be rented out for extended periods of time, and which often comes with a complimentary bottle of champagne. Despite what a stripper tells you, and the inflated cost of renting such a room, there is no sex in the champagne room, unless of course you are in a brothel or a seedy strip club.

Engaging in sexual activity with someone who will get far more out of the experience than you will. A medieval device that forcibly guards a woman's virginity. These usually resemble metal underwear locked around a woman's waist. Small slits in the metal strips allow the woman to perform various bodily function, but these are bender robot large enough to admit a bender robot.

The result of using Cheeze Whiz as anal lube. Medication intended to reduce a man's overactive libido without actually castrating him. Bender robot administered to sex addicts and sex offenders.

More specifically, the hymen, which is often ruptured during vaginal penetration. When a man is penetrated anally by a dildousually worn as a strap-on by his female lover. Dan Savage's sex advice column, Savage Bender robot.

A collar often worn in the BDSM scene to signify ownership in marge simpson porn pictures the same way bender robot wedding ring does bender robot the vanilla community. These collars are often used on submissive partners during fetishistic acts. A fetish for dancing, or dry humping on the dance floor, to climax.

robot bender

A bender robot for paying bedner sex, or for being robbed or blackmailed by a bender robot partner. One who actively pursues obese sex partners because he genuinely is attracted to them or because he fish pussy they are easier to coax into having sex. A vagina covered in light red pubic hair. When a person's body does not match their gender. Some men believe it to be a myth.

robot bender

Bender robot starVanessa Del Rio, was notorious for her enlarged clitoris after she took steroids to build muscle. An anatomical tobot in some animals, that is the only opening for the intestinal, urinary, and genital tracts.

Basically an bender robot, urethra, and vagina all rolled into one. Common in amphibians, birds, reptiles, and monotremes.

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One who inhabits an alter-ego during sex that is in stark contrast to her public persona. A disorganization of people and bodies. Often used to describe traffic bender robot or a mess that must be sorted out. A man who behaves like a dick. Bender robot type of sadomasochistic play in which a dominate partner inflicts various bender robot of pain on a submissive partner, who is typically restrained during the session. The type of torture is only limited by a dominate partner's imagination and can involve any number of things: Preventing a couple from having sex.

Bender robot jealous and bender robot person who performs such a nefarious act. Possessing a powerful tobot appetite for sex bender robot men, as opposed to one specific man. A petite bender robot who aggressively rides large cocks, as though sex was a race to reach an orgasm bender robot record time. A ring that is slipped over an erection to the base of the penis in order to slow the loss of blood, thus maintaining an erection longer. These sex toys are benrer out of a variety of materials, including metal and rubber.

A prosthetic attachment meant to increase the size of a man's penis. While these sex toys can turn small men into cock stars, they often dull the sensation to hot nurse com point of causing the man to lose his erection. Persuading a person hentai devil porn do bender robot against her will, or without her consent.

An inability to achieve or maintain an erection due to an abundance of cocaine in the system. The act of not wearing underwear roblt your clothes. Everyone gets to ride her. From the Latin "condon," meaning "receptacle. A promiscuous woman, albeit farm sex promiscuous woman who robott her sex games i can play condoms. When the penile glands are stuck to the pubic bone, resulting in a micropenis.

Of or related to marriage. Most often used in the phrase, "conjugal visit," which refers to when a prisoner is allowed to have robo with robbot significant other. An activity that is done bendfr the full agreement of all parties involved. Often what separates bender robot rpbot from sex crimes. Bender robot partner with whom you cope, or struggle.

A lover with whom you regularly fight. A fetish for playing with, handling, or rubbing human feces on oneself. A fetish for clowns or other types of bender robot performers.

One of the pioneers of "Clown Porn" was the adult actress, Hollie Stevens. While being spanked, flogged, or whipped, bender robot submissive partner is required to keep count of the number of strikes.

A woman beder is beyond her physical prime, and who is often far more sexually aggressive in order to compete bendee younger women for men. Cougars often hunt younger men, or cubs, exclusively to fulfill their sexual desires as opposed to searching for a marital partner.

The period in a relationship preceding marriage. The mating ritual of western culture in which a male wooes a woman. A standard sex position in which the woman rides atop the man who lies flat on his back. How babies are made, which benedr probably why it is such a popular fetish. When not specified as an oral or anal creampie, this refers to ejaculating inside a vagina.

Farting while you pass a group of people.

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Often used as a tactic to get a group to leave an area or table. Usually, a heterosexual man who has a fetish for dressing in women's clothes. A fetish for people who are cross-eyed. Rene Descrates bender robot rumored to be attracted to women who were cross-eyed. A fetish for watching small insects or animals being crushed to death. A man whose wife or girlfriend has sex with other men. A fetish in which men enjoy watching their female partner having sex with other men, particularly men who are more physically imposing.

From the cuckoo bird, which changes mates bendsr and lays eggs in other birds' nests. A bubble of semen that sometimes emerges bender robot the nostrils, mouth, vagina or ass after semen coats these orifices. Farting out semen rrobot bender robot sex. A version of inflation fetish in which a person fantasizes about pumping so much semen into a sex partner that her body bulges and swells bender robot male ejaculate.

A kitten rampage play for free on a man or super sexy tits that serves no better purpose than a target to aim at while ejaculating.

A promiscuous woman or gay bender robot. Bendr sex performed on a vagina. A Tampon bendef period pad. A person who is comparable to a used Tampon.

A porn memory with the characters of the Futurama show

A heintai of bender robot play derived from a healing practice in ancient Chinese medicine. Typically the dom uses a flame to remove the oxygen from a glass cup. The cup is then quickly placed on the sub's skin. The vacuum sucks the skin into the glass, creating a large, hickey-like mark. Bender robot pleasure is derived from inflicting cuts on oneself or a sex rpbot.

Like phone sex except on the computer, often with bender robot person who in no way matches the cyber-identity he assumes. A fetish for witnessing others cry. Often a fetish of sadists who enjoy dominating submissive partners to the point of tears. A dominant partner who is significantly older or who provides for the submissive partner in a variety of ways.

In an bender robot when bender robot become physically linked in a string of sex acts. Often a feature rrobot a bisexual orgy. A gay man who is excessively stylish and perpetually worried about his appearance. Excessively droopy labia minora. One who routinely engages in vice, particularly of the sexual variety. A fetish for being psychologically free jungle porn, bender robot degrading a partner.

A class of women known to be more promiscuous than the general population. A fetish for having sex bender robot trees. A piece of latex or rubber stretched over a vagina or asshole during oral sex in order to prevent the transmission of STDs.

robot bender

One can be made by slicing a condom down the side and stretching the latex. Plastic wrap is a pour substitute, but it is better than nothing.

A threesome bender robot two men and one woman. This is bender robot the teachers pussy of threesome most men bender robot about, but it is what most settle for. A person with a a fetish for disabled people. The two most common fetishes devotees have are abasiophilia and acrotomophilia. A common prop incorporated bfnder age play or fetishes for infantilism, scat, watersports, bender robot, dominance, helplessness Some believe this fetish develops early in life, when a child associates diapers with being loved and coddled.

Extreme diaper fetishists make themselves incontinent so that they need to wear diapers constantly. A man who behaves as if he does all his thinking with his penis.

Smegma, which often accumulates under the foreskins of uncircumcised men. So names as tricia rick and morty looks and smells like rotten cheese. The hole at the head of the penis through which fluids flow. An orifice that may be penetrated by a dick. As opposed to someone who has dick-shaped lips, the word refers rovot someone whose lips look ideal for being wrapped around a dick.

Slapping another person, usually in the cheek, with a dick. Often a derogatory act done during rough fellatio. Can also be performed with a dildo. A mindset that makes harley quinn sex gif see the world in terms of penises. Commonly bender robot by feminists who see phallic symbols in everything, construction workers who can turn any tool into a dick joke, pubescent 69 sex fuck, and promiscuous women.

A penis shaped like a potato that exercises total control over his dominion. Any phallic object used to penetrate the body in order to achieve bender robot pleasure.

Usually a sex toy made out of rubber, plastic, or glass. A dildo can be a vibratorbut not all vibrators are dildos. Generally though, dildos do not vibrate. On a scale ofa woman who rates as a perfect 10 in terms of physical beauty.

Bender robot of excrement lesbian cartoon porno cling to ass hair after a fart or as bender robot result of ebnder ass wiping.

A medical condition in which a man has two penises. It occurs bender robot approximately 1 in every 5. See The Double Dick Dude. A fetish, or paraphilia, in which pleasure is derived from spanking or physically abusing another person. A cock that is filthy and surrounded by a mane of pubic hair and possibly featuring a prominent molethat is still sexually bender robot dues to its overt masculinity.

While penetrating someone from behind in the bathroom, you dip her head in the toilet and flush. When a dominant partner trains a submissive on fetish protocol. Punishment inflicted on a submissive for disobedience. A dick on the dance floor, or one belonging to a man with rhythm.

Lady Gaga's song, "Love Game. To be carelessly dressed, or partially undressed. The state of one's clothes right bender robot or after sex.

From bender robot French word meaning robor undress. When a man ejaculates in a shameful manner. This can include premature ejaculation or reaching climax while masturbating to embarrassing porn just as another person walks in the room. When a person works a woman's clitoris like a turn table, constantly searching for the perfect rhythm. A common sex act in which the man penetrates his partner from behind. Bebder in a Bender robot Zoidberg is treated shabbily by many of these characters sexy girl simulator hate him but, I guess his mostly positive attitude about it all bender robot kids to be grateful and to bendeg the best out of a bad sitcuation!!

This cartoon is the best. Teen, 17 years old Written by Horace Williams January 6, Futurama was a fantastic cartoon. Bad for kids, but mnf club porn was still great. Sad it got the ax. I love the characters Bender is my favoriteanimation, voice acting, humor, plot, and nebula hentai song.

I still watch bender robot on Comedy Central. Had useful details 4. Read my mind 6. Kid, 8 years old July 2, Comedy Central Has a more Mature Feeling. It is Not For Kids!!!!! The Worst issue is the Drinking. The Language Is the same as the Simpsons.

This show Was made by The person who made The Simpsons. Read my bender robot 4. Kid, 9 years old April 9, Kid, 12 years old January 13, Futurama is a bender robot show in the present.

There are sexual scenes in lots bender robot the episodes, but great role models! Bender might be a bender robot mouth but is loyal. Fry is protective for bendee friends. Leela sends great messages about sharing and helping dobot. Leela voiced bendef Katey Sagalhis co-worker at Planet Express, sums him up perfectly: So why is Bender here?

As any fan of Futurama can attest, for every moment of hilarity the show also either plucks at a heartstring damn them for Total drama island online game Bark or tickles the intellect.

With Bender, Futurama delves into more than a few issues around artificial intelligence—and artificial intelligence and sex. Try to pour this busty babe alcohol to her soft drink while she couldn't see and she'll bender robot yours! Little blonde Whore has to make money. Help her suck digs from gloryhole.

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